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Synonyms for ghostlike

gruesomely suggestive of ghosts or death

Synonyms for ghostlike

resembling or characteristic of a phantom

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Zach's ghostlike position is not so much defined by a death-like isolation from the world, as in Trevor's case, but by acts of manipulation that are explicitly constructed as the expressions of a spiritual state of death in the novel (DB 169, 351, 392, 332).
When the proton appears, two more particles fly away: the small, negatively charged electron (the beta particle) and a ghostlike particle known as an antineutrino.
Considering the reputation of the ghostlike nibble these prison fish are famous for, that is a bit of a surprise.
Two separate entangled systems have a ghostlike connection even when they are placed at a large distance without being directly connected to each other.
And it's come to a final stop," commander Christopher Ferguson radioed after a ghostlike Atlantis glided through the twilight.
Contrary to Isandlwana, this time their attack was noiseless and ghostlike.
Or perhaps each double will remain thereafter on the staircase, but invisible, in a ghostlike state, forever lingering on whatever step--or even in the loft--where it made its appearance.
Missing is any reference to the works of Masumi Hayashi and Joan Myers, whose brilliant color collages and black-and-white landscape photographs also explore the ghostlike abandoned spaces of these former camps.
A view from a cliff high above the once bustling, now ghostlike Hite Marina on the receding eastern side of Lake Powell shows the futility of chasing the retreating shoreline with cement: the water's edge and a much-extended boat-launching ramp now have 100 acres of dried mud, grass, and fresh shrubs between them.
Today's scanners can produce images that look like a charcoal sketch or a blobby, ghostlike figure with problem areas highlighted in yellow and red.
His show at the Mac/Val arthouse titled "Apres" (After) "is more joyous", he said, taking place, as it does, in the afterlife, where ghostlike creatures ask the visitor "How did you die?
This was the decisive feature that made the insurgents ghostlike, allowing them to melt into the environment.
When he drew back the curtain, he nearly jumped out of his skin, for he saw a black face with two ghostlike eyes staring in at him.
Weeds and shrubs have grown tall and ghostlike, framing the broken windows and doors on abandoned, muddied homes.