ghost town

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a deserted settlement (especially in western United States)

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Neville reckons The Specials' biggest hit, Ghost Town - written while Margaret Thatcher was PM - is as relevant as ever now that the Tories are back in power.
15) in which he criticises Kenny Surtees saying that Normanby High Street is now a ghost town.
Item # 1: ( 913 - 60 ) Contractor shall provide a formal itemized lump sum base bid of bid items 1 - 47 for the Calico Ghost Town Regional Park Water Treatment System project.
Ghost Town is the first in a series of Saranormal novels and I look forward to reading how Sara develops in future books.
Ghost Town contrasts with Boom Town, where the upmarket Triumphs, Advises and Armstrong Siddeleys of earlier years sit alongside humbler Hillmans and Singers.
Dogtown: Death and Enchantment in a New England Ghost Town
ROBBIE BLAKE expects Burnley to turn into a ghost town tomorrow as half the residents take a day trip to Wembley for the Play-Off Final against Sheffield United.
Variously once called "America's most vertical city," Arizona's Sodom and Gomorrah," and the "largest ghost town in America," Jerome is located between Prescott and Flagstaff.
Mr Pincher fears the proposed move could see Tamworth town centre turned into a ghost town.
Here's a fantastic chance to celebrate the release of Ricky Gervais' supernatural romantic comedy, Ghost Town, out on Blu-ray and DVD now.
GHOST TOWN (Cert 12, 98 mins) DURING a routine colonoscopy, middle-aged, British dentist Bertram Pincus (Ricky Gervais) reacts badly to the an aesthetic and his heart stops beating.
I REALLY feel sorry for the people at the Baltic Fleet pub ("Spruce up this ghost town and help us out", Daily Post, October 27).
RICKY Gervais returns to the big screen on October 24 in the romantic comedy Ghost Town - but you can see it first and for free.
Downtown Nashua will play a hauntingly good host to thousands of young goblins, ghosts and witches for the fifth annual Great American Ghost Town 3 to 4:30 p.
The 16-block area of northeast Wilmington known as Ghost Town had been a narcotics bazaar for 30 years, and Sprewell knew its residents -- either complacent, complicit or cowed -- weren't about to call the police.