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put in a ghetto


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But socialization doesn't end hi the classroom--even at the level of elite journalism, well-intentioned men and women reinforce male norms when it comes to assigning stories, promoting women on the cover, or ghettoizing women as culture writers.
It seemed that the program was ghettoizing films of well-established Canadian directors by segregating them from the rest of the programs in the festival.
There's the conspiratorial part of me that thinks these imprints are just a way of ghettoizing black books and--when the market dips, as all markets must--to eliminate them," says Chris Jackson, a black editor at Random House.
As lesbian acts like the Indigo Girls earn more mainstream exposure, the question arises whether the dyke-rock circuit is ghettoizing itself.
One of the most insidious phenomena of modern liberal secularism has been the ghettoizing of religion, the cleaving off of spiritual life from public life, or what has been called the Public Square.
Perspective Canada was considered to be ghettoizing Canadian film and the senior filmmakers such as Egoyan, Arcand, Lepage, McKellar, Maddin and Cronenberg wanted more prominent showcases for their in-demand films.