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put in a ghetto


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This is going to affect about 70 constituencies - we would be ghettoising those constituencies.
In this issue, for example, the centre for handicapped children by Hennin-Normier-Lelievre (p48) is not only a stimulating haven for a disadvantaged section of society (who would otherwise suffer the ghettoising indignity of more conventional institutional care), but also acted as a regenerative catalyst for the surrounding urban area.
He said: "Social housing can act as a huge disincentive to work, ghettoising poverty and creating broken estates where worklessness, dependency, family breakdown and addiction are endemic.
The Government's emphasis on choice and diversity runs a risk of ghettoising some groups of people into the worst schools.
A new centre for handicapped children is conceived as a haven of contact, welcome and stimulation, which rejects the ghettoising limitations of traditional institutionalised care.