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Synonyms for ghettoise

put in a ghetto


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Supporters say the domain will make it easier to filter out inappropriate content, but many pornographers worry that the move could ghettoise their content.
Pete Mercer, student support officer at Newcastle University Union, said: "Instead of addressing any problems within communities, Coun Armstrong's mission to remove and then ghettoise students will devastate a thriving local economy.
UNRWA has stated that this could result in severe hunger in Gaza, so this attempt by Israel to ghettoise Gaza must be condemned.
We shouldn't ghettoise vocational qualifications, they shouldn't be routes for the disaffected and disengaged working class.
We should not ghettoise vocational qualifications, they should not be routes for the disaffected and disengaged working class.
Wood told the magazine: "It ghettoises children's programmes.
But this ghettoises worship and education, and creates positive divisions within our society.