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put in a ghetto


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No right minded Kashmiri will support the ghettoisation of Kashmiri Pandits, housed in segregated inherently unsafe camps in the Valley," the former CM and working president of National Conference said while voicing his concerns over the issue through Twitter.
inadvertently encouraged ghettoisation and mutual incomprehension.
The polarisation, induced and abetted by the state machinery, resulted in the ghettoisation even of medical facilities, as one testimony illustrates:
We've got communal problems of segregation, alienation and ghettoisation - that have impacted on our notion of multiculturalism.
To hold that this is not so is to indulge in a protective counter-culturalism, sometimes amounting to counter-racism, that so limits the right to speak, so compartmentalises the right to 'knowledge', as to lead to a rupture in communication, a ghettoisation of knowledge systems.
But many claim that this leads to education ghettoisation, with the most affluent families able to move to areas with the best schools.
Mais les recriminations contre la politique canadienne du multiculturalisme venaient aussi des minorites ethnoculturelles et visibles qui lui reprocherent certains exces et une tendance a la ghettoisation (Bissoondath 1995).
Finally it might also be asked whether a discussion of texts by black Afrikaans writers as a group separate from other Afrikaans writers does not perpetuate outdated racial divisions and raise the possibility of ghettoisation.
La crise du logement a Quebec et le village des << Cove Fields >> : ghettoisation de la misere et strategies de survie sur les Plaines d'Abraham (1945-1951).
Le portrait dresse par les valeurs prises par certains indices de segregation peut laisser croire a une situation de ghettoisation de certains groupes, notamment les Yiddish et les Armeniens.
London is sleep-walking towards Johannesburg - the ghettoisation of the community David Levin, head of the City of London School for Boys My wife said I have traded one bad habit for a worse one Shock rocker Alice Cooper, who stopped drinking 30 years ago and now plays golf I don't have perfect teeth.
The flotillas are a rebellion against the Palestinians' rapid ghettoisation.
In Oulu, there have been dramatic reports of gang-rapes and muggings by immigrants and there is increasing ghettoisation of foreigners, especially in Helsinki with Finns withdrawing their children from schools with 40 per cent non-Finnish students.
This ghettoisation was deemed bad for them, and bad for French culture as a whole.
37) See Pascale Fournier, "The Ghettoisation of Difference in Canada: 'Rape by Culture' and the Danger of a 'Cultural Defence' in Criminal Law Trials" (2002) 29:1 Man LJ 81; Jennifer Choi, "The Viability of a 'Cultural Defence' in Canada" (2003) 8:1 Can Crim L Rev 93.