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put in a ghetto


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Left to right, Rt Rev Mark Santer, Rabbi Tann and Dr Mohammed Naseem; below, integration in Britain's cities was never realised following; the influx of Muslims from India and Pakistan in the 1950s, leading to ghettoisation, such as in Sparkhill
Les trois films proposent un discours sur l'espace ou nous degageons quelques tendances : fragmentation ; ghettoisation (C'est eux les chiens, The se ais behind), disparition de l'espace public (voir la place Lhmam envahie par des figures de l'etrangete).
Street names, names of churches and burial grounds and names of schools often provide us cues about the spatial ghettoisation of the community in the city.
Former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah termed the idea of composite townships " ghettoisation of Kashmiri Pandits", while his party National Conference stated it was an attempt to divide the state on religious lines.
The government's economic support programmes have tended to encourage a ghettoisation of women's economic activity in low-income areas such as small-scale garment production.
Cette delocalisation pour lui ne fera que produire une ghettoisation des Acadiens dont les aptitudes et la culture de travail ne repondent pas aux besoins des grandes agglomerations.
Comme Myers (2002) l'a remarque, l'essor commercial des acryliques fut accompagne par un phenomene d'individuation, d'ethnicisation et de ghettoisation de l'art autochtone australien.
It helped the genre establish a broader audience and cultural presence, challenging its ghettoisation as housewives' programming, and making a lot of money for networks, producers, and sponsors.
We don't believe in the ghettoisation of youth programming, and actively work against this idea.
Many of these writers are uneasy about identifying themselves as a movement (although some are or were friends, collaborators and near neighbours) and, given the ambition and range of their work, they generally prefer to be known as writers rather than nature writers (2)--a category that historically has been subject to some ghettoisation and condescension in Britain, most notoriously in Evelyn Waugh's pastiches of the nature columnist William Boot in Scoop ('Feather-footed through the plashy fen passes the questing vole' (3)).
Fears were raised that continuing to treat applications for new accommodation in isolation, particularly in the upper Ouseburn and Shieldfield areas, was leading to a ghettoisation of students and upsetting the social mix of communities which the authority wants to preserve.
Sterritt's monograph does not remain in mere emotional and aesthetic interpretations, but demonstrates a clear line of development from two-dimensional readings of Lee's cinema to considered dialectical analysis involving the ghettoisation of Afro-Americans and Lee's films alike.
Entre criminalisation, judiciarisation et ghettoisation.
At the heart of Agenda 21 is what critics call the ghettoisation of cities into urban jungles of concrete, glass and steel--no backyards for kids to play on, roads choked because they're carrying more people from the infill sections in the suburbs, and a growth in crime.
What you end up with are intolerant clusters of people who cannot live side by side, leading to segregation and the ghettoisation of society.