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IN the eighties, hip-hop boys prowled the streets, ghetto blasters on their shoulders (perhaps not in Ireland's smaller towns), inflicting their ear-splitting tunes on all and sundry.
Which is why, no matter how influential the marketing men have become, there'll still be somebody, somewhere, huddled around their transistor or ghetto blaster at six o'clock on a Sunday evening.
What with ghetto blasters turned up at full volume outside, for the benefit of Palace's dancing pom pom girls to jig about to, and the frighteningly loud attack of fireworks that greeted the teams' arrival on the pitch, perhaps it was simply part of Palace's bid to make themselves a noise in football again.
In no time at all,a bunch of hooligans arrived around the pool,draped in Union Jack towels,covered in tattoos and equipped with ghetto blasters with the volume jammed.
THE era of shoulder pads and ghetto blasters returns to Coventry next week as Three Spires Musical Society stage Back to the 80s.
When we were 12 or 13 years old we would record live onto old cassette decks and ghetto blasters.
Now the planning office has come up with lay-bys in front of these ancient cottages, mostly occupied by older people, with the result that cash machine customers now park there at all times of the day and night, some with ghetto blasters going merrily, sometimes stopping to chat with friends, but invariably leaving their car doors open, then crashing them to as they speed away.
Given that record labels and tours were completely off the menu, fans would turn up with ghetto blasters, ask the band to play for them and simply press record.
In the latest stage of his French revolution at Ibrox, he has told players not to bring ghetto blasters into the changing rooms before games.
But a far more effective way to tackle fox hunting would be to open it to all, he said, and allow the great unwashed of south London to take part in fox hunting, saddled up with ghetto blasters and Burberry.
They would come up and stand behind you at the baseline, playing rap music very loudly on ghetto blasters.
Last night they gave him peace from the incessant beat of the ghetto blasters so that he could get off to a good start.
And that's going to drop to the cost of these ghetto blasters that you can buy for whatever; it's going to be the same price to get you on to the Net.
ghetto e With a big nod to old-school ghetto blasters, as its name suggests, the Bag Of Rhythm comes with a durable canvas carry bag.
We could bring ghetto blasters into the office and play loud music.