ghetto blaster

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plaY & PAUSE Craig used to record the charts on his ghetto blaster
We Love DJs will take over the Ibiza Ghetto Blaster area with DJs on rotation throughout the whole weekend in front of a 20ft x 15ft ghetto blaster.
The big, heavy ghetto blasters practically had succeeded transistor radios, which had been popular from the 60s to the 1970s, along the way nurturing rock n' roll music.
Inside the |Chicago Rock Cafe the only source of music was an unplugged ghetto blaster, left, while an uninflated balloon lies on the floor Below: Bottles |of champagne still stand in glass cases
STREET SWEEPER SOCIAL CLUB Ghetto Blaster (Cooking Vinyl) IT'LL take you all of 10 seconds to decide that this fortified fusion of rock and rap sounds like Rage Against The Machine.
Now, get out your lino, stick on your ghetto blaster and don your cap as Breakdance - and its sequel Breakdance 2 Electric Boogaloo -
Betfred: 3 Farloe Reason, 6 Ballymac Ruso, Boherna On Air, Fear Zafonic, 10 Boherna Best, 12 Deanridge Fury, Mustang Garcia, Plough Lane, 16 Farley Magic, 20 Barnfield Mike, Mancini, 25 Centaur Marine, Mako Magic, Star Of Twilight, 33 Kylegrove Top, 50 Blindin Bell, Cortsway Giants, Drink Up Zorro, Droopys Billy, Farloe Dash, Highfield Hondo, Maltese Force, 66 Big Cats, Cabanas, Dallam Star, Jethart Jackie, London Louis, 100 Coolavanny Dart, Emerson Jack, Lethal Charlie, Prodigious, Slick Spartan, Slick Spirit, 200 Droopys Luther, Fargo Star, Ghetto Blaster.
Portable music meant carrying a ghetto blaster around on your shoulder until the batteries ran out.
Indeed, Waylon's movement constitutes a tight circuit within his home and around its queen, to be broken only when, in a couple of magical narrative turns, he changes into a German shepherd that ultimately--after being dropped into a turkey fryer by Carl, a pig slaughterer who has been flirting with Nora--births a ghetto blaster.
When Dunne's coffin was lowered into the family plot - beside his brother James who had killed himself less than a month before - a friend with a ghetto blaster played the version of Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.
Despite the ghetto blaster effects - a Bach Sinfonia sounded like a fairground organ, and Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries should have had a health warning - the music's detail was often remarkably clear.
You can almost hear the soundtrack blaring from a ghetto blaster as you read: a thrashing but intriguing medley of Blondie, the Beastie Boys and Run-DMC.
I passed 40 people, young and old, ballroom dancing to a ghetto blaster in the subway.
The heart is worn on the shoulder, in the manner of a camera bag or ghetto blaster.
So now I can't help picturing Camilla in her crocheted Rasta cap stirring up bubbling pans with the ghetto blaster pumping out Bob's greatest hits.