ghetto blaster

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We're getting a seven-and-a-half-tonne truck and we're building a frame around it, putting banners on it so that the whole thing looks like a ghetto blaster.
I mean, if you were at an indoor bowls match and some Spotty Herbert switched on a ghetto blaster you'd do what any civilised fellow would do: stuff said ghetto blaster into a handy nook or cranny in said Spotty Herbert from which it would require surgical removal.
The mural depicts a number of images including fish, leaves, a canal boat, a ghetto blaster and dog walkers.
Always one to back the underdog, Bagster's dressing room when he was last at Monaghan was famous for it's ghetto blaster a la Wimbledon, but would he like to see the Dons move to Dublin?
Our coach Bryan McLoughlin brought a ghetto blaster and Tommy McDonald picks the tunes.
Rivers Cuomo obviously doesn't do his demos using the microphone function on his sister's ghetto blaster.
MOST football dressing rooms reverberate to the sound of rap and hip-hop as it is usually the younger generation who control what's on the ghetto blaster.
REFEREE Peter Jones revealed a sadder side to his pre-match preparation when he emerged from his dressing room on Saturday clutching a ghetto blaster under his arm.
Which is why, no matter how influential the marketing men have become, there'll still be somebody, somewhere, huddled around their transistor or ghetto blaster at six o'clock on a Sunday evening.
Fling open the windows, put a trestle on the lawn and the Beach Boys on the ghetto blaster.
Two yobs with a ghetto blaster were lying half naked on the grass and a gang of youths were dossing on the main entrance to the Cathedral.
So, why not stick to the naff Amstrad ghetto blaster we know you got for your 21st birthday and still have, I hear you scream.
It even boasted its own nightclub, the Shangri-La, a 12ft square packing case, where a can of Special Brew could be shared to the sound of a pounding ghetto blaster.
The Wonder Villains' Ferrari is also taking a battering on the Ultimate Ulster ghetto blaster - Oppenheimer's Rocky O'Reilly was on production duty for this and the influence is obvious with sublime bleeps and poptastically shouty choruses.
Just add a ghetto blaster packed with NOW 49 and you're dream destination is complete.