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any of various small cucumbers pickled whole

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small prickly cucumber

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INGREDIENTS 4 tbsp thick Greek yogurt 2 tsp English mustard 4 slices German three-grain bread (rye, oats and barley) 4 cooked beetroots, about 230g, very thinly sliced For the pastrami open-facers 4 slices of pastrami, about 50g 2 cocktail gherkins, very thinly sliced For the smoked mackerel open-facers 50g skinless smoked mackerel, flaked into 16 pieces 1/2 small red onion, thinly sliced sprigs of fresh dill
A Californian classic using pickled red onion instead of gherkin, topped with guacamole
But whereas The Gherkin beside the Thames is really a skyscraper and could be likened to lots of other things, the gherkin beside the Tyne looks like.
Brazilian banking organisation the Safra Group, has purchased the Gherkin skyscraper in London's main financial district for more than GBP700m, the Telegraph news company revealed on Monday.
Jamie Olley, Head of City Investment at Deloitte Real Estate, said, "The Gherkin is one of London's famous landmark buildings and the most iconic office tower in the City's skyline.
1bn), while the Gherkin is worth E700mn ($939mn), according to Property Investor Europe magazine.
Mr Welburn, who was one of the team that opened the Gherkin under Richard Corrigan, has been installed after Searcys won the contract to operate the restaurant in a deal worth a reported PS12.
today announced it has been appointed to manage the Gherkin by landlord 30 St Mary Axe (Bermuda) LP, a joint venture between IVG EuroSelect 14, a closed-end fund managed by IVG Private Funds Management GmbH, and Evans Randall as one of the world s most iconic commercial buildings approaches its ten year anniversary.
What are London Zoo chiefs hoping to transform landmark building the Gherkin into with the help of print wrapping?
The Gherkin is the nickname given to a cucumber-shaped building with a green glass shell in London, officially known as 30 St.
In fact, the unusual shape of the burr gherkin makes it an interesting addition to almost any pickle mixture, but what most early American cookbooks failed to mention is that burr gherkins can be cooked like squash and served in a variety of dishes.
This was a tad rhetorical because of course this was what Krier always advocates--it was just that the end of cheap energy would require architects to end their obsession with 'the excesses of excessive vertical sprawl'--which Krier illustrated with a cheap crack: an outline of the Gherkin fully erect and then with a limp top.
Glass' office is in the phallic steel-and-glass building the Brits call The Gherkin.
Since 1919, Del Monte has been marketing pickles and pickle products, including Sweet Pickle Relish and Sweet Gherkin Pickles (the only sweet gherkin made by the old-fashioned barrel-sweetening process.