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stairway in India leading down to a landing on the water

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The old Mugger knows that a boy has been born in that house, and must some day come down to the Ghaut to play.
As surely as I had picked up one of his workmen, and thus saved great expense in wood for the burning, so surely would he come down to the Ghaut, and shout in a loud voice that he would hunt me, and rid the river of me--the Mugger of Mugger- Ghaut
So I lived by the Ghaut, very close to my own people, and I watched over them year after year; and they loved me so much that they threw marigold wreaths at my head whenever they saw it lift.
In ninety- nine cases out of a hundred a mortally-wounded crocodile can scramble to deep water and get away; but the Mugger of Mugger- Ghaut was literally broken into three pieces.
The Design Larger Than Life and 30 LifeStories - irememberParks will feature interactive installations at Dhoby Ghaut Green and the National Design Centre.
Suttee, infanticide, British connection with idolatry, ghaut murders,
Ng and Syed Kassali met at the restaurant in Macallum Street Ghaut and had a six-minute private meeting before shaking hands and holding a press conference in front of the restaurant.