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Product placement meets performance theatre in the latest show looking to cash in on nostalgia for the ghastlier aspects of 80s culture--Pot Noodle: The Musical has been wowing the critics up at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
Although it pains me to give credit in this case, I suppose we can thank the television home makeover movement for at least alerting people to the ghastlier fashions in domestic decoration.
For example, add in the untold millions of innocent men, women and children terminated by sanctions and military action in Iraq over the last 13 years and we have an even ghastlier picture of just "how cold is our conscience.
The Pistons frequently win games with ghastly final scores and even ghastlier shooting percentages.
The whole ghastly thing is made ghastlier by the expression `the National Hunt season', rather like the shooting season except that, nowadays, the National Hunt season doesn't have a start and a finish, it just goes on and on, like the Circle Line.
Sometimes it takes the opposite stand, surrender of self to the other, "a ghastlier form of alienation: it is alienation from the self" (Hassan, 31).