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large fish-eating Indian crocodilian with a long slender snout

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Audubon Zoo will keep one gharial while the other will go to the Houston Zoo.
Udayan camped overnight beside a nesting colony of gharials at the Chambal River in central India.
The Jim Corbett National Park, spread across the state's Nainital, Pauri and Almora districts, has witnessed an impressive nesting and hatching season this year, says a preliminary survey on the gharial.
It appears therefore that the design of this carpet was derived from a variety of sources, Chinese dragons as adapted in Persian painting, Bihzad's composition of combating camels, Mughal paintings drawn in the 1590s showing rhino, gharial, tiger, markhor, cheetah, and hunting scenes with leaping, jumping, and "flying" animals.
OLD CROC: The Gharial crocodile great aunt Elsie shot, with the two cases made from its skin.
Lucy wanted to know how the animal held its head while in the water, and Nikki compared the Champsosaurus skull to the skull of a gharial, which is a present-day crocodilian species that lives in India.
Animal expert Rom Whitaker (above) observes the Indian gharial in its natural habitat to discover what has driven this species of crocodile to the brink of extinction.
Where else can you fly above a rainforest canopy and check out what the gharial crocodiles and white cheeked gibbons get up to 50ft below?
Nick Baker seeks out the gharial crocodile in India, which may be descended from the baryonyx.
Nick travels to India to seek out the gharial crocodile, a creature related to the baryonyx.
A SIGHTSEEING trip to Manhattan turned into a day never to be forgotten for Cardiff student Shyam Gharial.
Certain species of crocodilians still suffer from overhunting (such as black caimans in the Amazon Basin) and from pollution (such as the Indian gharial and the Chinese alligator), but this is one of the few taxonomic groups of animals whose over-all fate actually has improved over the past two decades.
Freshwater animals like the gharial crocodile, the smooth Indian otter, the Asian small-clawed otter and various species of turtles are in decline.
The Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association's "Adopt an Animal Program" enables anyone to assist one of the zoo's terrific residents, such as the Malayan gharial crocodile that is part of the new LAIR exhibit and now counts the famous musician as its adopted parent.
Phase two will open later this summer and will comprise the island of Sumatra and Monsoon Forest, which will become home to the critically-endangered Sumatran tigers, Sumatran orangutans and Sunda gharial crocodiles.