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a spring that discharges hot water and steam

to overflow like a geyser

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He said he believed Geyser remained at a risk to hurt herself and others and called it "an issue of community protection.
Weier and Geyser claim they were mentally ill at the time of the attack in a park in the city of Waukesha in May 2014.
During the buildup to an eruption of Yellowstone's Spouter Geyser, carbon dioxide accumulates in the geyser water, researchers report in the April Geology.
These findings, and clues to what powers the geyser eruptions, are presented in two articles published in the current online edition of the Astronomical Journal.
Nokia Solutions and Networks has appointed Deon Geyser to head up its Southern African sub-region.
Old Faithful still performs every 60 to 110 minutes, a model of reliability in the geyser world.
You should also reduce your hot water usage; Heating controls: Turn your geyser temperature down to 50 degrees Celsius; Insulate the geyser: A geyser blanket will help retain heat and pipes leading from the geyser should also be insulated; Use green energy: A solar geyser can help you save up to two thirds of water heating cost and should be installed with a timer for the best possible saving.
Yellowstone National Park's Steamboat Geyser -- the world's tallest -- has erupted for the first time in more than eight years.
Indeed, later images showed a geyser of ice crystals and other material shooting hundreds of miles into space (see "A Moon's Icy Spray").
For the curious young reader, the work is organized around predictable questions about what causes a geyser, why it erupts, how old it is, what dangers it poses, and where geysers are active around the globe.
An erupting geyser dazzles visitors like few other natural events.
Geyser Peak winery in Sonoma County has been on the road these past few months to demonstrate that Geyser Peak wines are equal to the great wines of Bordeaux and Napa Valley.
Geyser Peak Winery is putting its two new vintages, a 1999 Cabernet Sauvignon from Sonoma and a 1997 Reserve Alexandre Meritage from the Alexander Valley, to the test through its Geyser Peak Reserve Challenge program, a nationwide blind tasting tour aimed at retailers and restaurant operators.
CRYSTAL GEYSER NATURAL alpine spring water recently announced it will help AMERICAN FORESTS plant 50,000 trees a year over the next five years.