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Synonyms for getup

a set or style of clothing

Synonyms for getup

a set of clothing (with accessories)

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It's truly time to Getup here before the snow flies - and experience the opposite of Fall.
Let the Sakkos of Saugus take Traveler and their Ben Hur getup and find other source of income.
Among the 500 guests were Bono, lead singer of U2, who raised a few eyebrows in his Fidel Castro getup, Kevin Costner, Steven Segal and Tori Spelling.
A busty brunette who posed for then-taboo full-frontal photos, modeled fetish getups and made slap-and-tickle all-girl stag films, Page remains to this day a venerated cult figure in certain circles.
Here are Science World's awards for the animal kingdom's most ghoulish getups.
5 -- color) Eva Longoria and beau Tony Parker coordinated violet-hued getups, though she noted on the red carpet that her gown was a last-minute switch.
But while the goofy getups and back-to-front action are inventive and amusing at first, they ultimately risk detracting from an otherwise poignant tale of sibling rivalry.
Deneuve, who often looks handsome in her Jean Paul Gaultier getups, kisses her De Merteuil with icy cool, but a distracted and desexed bitch on wheels is a contradiction in terms and hardly what the job description requires.
Glam up with Suzy Wong silks, Greek goddess gowns, fringy flappers or harem getups, or flatter a not-so-spectacular physique with a pectorally endowed Centurion chest plate.
Natural, a white-bearded, barefoot eco-gurn in loose-fitting getups, is forever making incoherent boasts; Angelfood McSpade, a sensual, black, earth-mother stereotype, is revealed over time to be a white man's erotic projection.
Cutler also seems to delight in the history of fashion, judging from her renderings of exquisite nineteenthcentury getups and attention to fabric patterns and oddly stylish footwear.
In 1979 I began furiously lifting weights and therefore stripped off the feminizing froufrou of my former getups to show off my hard-earned gains.
The singer, once known for her eclectic off-the-rack getups, is now in a high-fashion groove.