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Synonyms for bottom

Synonyms for bottom

a side or surface that is below or under

a very low level, position, or degree

a point of origin from which ideas or influences, for example, originate

the part of one's back on which one rests in sitting

opposite to or farthest from the top

Synonyms for bottom

the lower side of anything

the lowest part of anything

the second half of an inning

low-lying alluvial land near a river


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provide with a bottom or a seat

strike the ground, as with a ship's bottom

come to understand

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situated at the bottom or lowest position


the lowest rank

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O'Neill said: "Emile has undergone every conceivable test without anyone getting to the bottom of the problem.
The Scotland keeper, 25, returned to full training yesterday after finally getting to the bottom of the excruciating pain that was hampering his season.
An independent third party, perhaps the county grand jury, could make a big contribution by getting to the bottom of this fiasco.
Once again the five-year-old won without coming out of second gear, making all to humble Scriptwriter by 16 lengths, and we are a long way from getting to the bottom of this promising type, who shouldn't be troubled by the twomile, five-furlong trip.
And as for getting to the bottom of murders shrouded in accusations of collusion, is it really possible and would we be able to handle the truth if we heard it?
But further tests have been ordered on Room 30 at Helmers Elementary School by the toxicologist hired by the district in hopes of getting to the bottom of numerous claims that children and teachers are being sickened by mold and chemicals in portables at two district schools.
His career so far tells us the six-year-old has the staying power for this trip and a suitability for this track - and we're a long way from getting to the bottom of him.
But I was more concerned with getting to the bottom of how lovely English songbird Dido ended up in G Wing masquerading as an over-sexed inmate called Yvonne.
A TEAM of archaeologists are getting to the bottom of a historic port - with finds including a 1900-year-old toilet.
Dr Reilly has his work cut out in getting to the bottom of this scandal.
But maybe it's worth one serious shot at getting to the bottom of her paranoia.
But Jane Robison, a spokeswoman for the prosecutor's office, said Thursday that no imminent announcement has been scheduled by Cooley, who ran on the platform of getting to the bottom of the Belmont scandal.
It is understood President Barroso also referred to the importance of getting to the bottom of the difficulties in the banking sector.
Will the new City Council that takes office next week make getting to the bottom of this scandal its first order of business?
Telly girl Kaye Adams is used to getting to the bottom of things.