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Synonyms for hump


get the hump


  • sulk
  • mope
  • be in the doldrums
  • get the blues
  • be down in the dumps

Synonyms for hump

an unevenness or elevation on a surface

to incline the body

Synonyms for hump

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Tony Holmes, Abingdon Getting the hump What with global warming and all, there's probably a better chance of finding a camel at the north pole than a Derby winner in the King George.
Instead of getting the hump, he contacted the Scarlets, said any differences of opinion were water under the bridge and emphasised that he would personally meet Jenkins to resolve any problems.
YOU would have forgiven Penelope Cruz for getting the hump after this close encounter.
I can imagine the scene at Bellefield with Moyes ordering his players to perform certain duties and some so- called pros getting the hump.
Well," coughed the other through a haze of Rothmans and flatulence, "we was being coppers, when some bird dressed in blue starts getting the hump and bangs us up in some stinking cells.
Getting the hump Not content with sub-standard thoroughbred racing, Wolverhampton now brings us horse-and-cart racing.
I don't blame fans for getting the hump with certain players as they just see things from the outside.
TONY Blair has got a cheek getting the hump about pictures of baby Leo's christening appearing in the newspapers.
Straight from the camel's mouth: some of the top Flat jockeys will be getting the hump at Kempton on Wednesday
RE J Young (Your Views, January 6) - are you getting the hump about beer drinkers now?