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Synonyms for sick

Synonyms for sick

suffering from or affected with an illness

of or associated with sickness

susceptible to or marked by preoccupation with unwholesome matters

out of patience with

Synonyms for sick

people who are sick

Related Words

affected by an impairment of normal physical or mental function


Related Words

feeling nausea

affected with madness or insanity

having a strong distaste from surfeit

(of light) lacking in intensity or brightness

Related Words

deeply affected by a strong feeling

shockingly repellent

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Dr Al Muttawa said there is no evidence that people are getting sick more during Ramadan.
The busy travel season is quickly approaching, along with the cold and flu season, so it is in your best interests to take some action to prevent getting sick.
Sparky's pills, which keep him from getting sick, need to be on the top of your to-do list.
We find it intolerable that people have to risk getting sick in order to swim in the ocean, and we're well on our way now to dealing with the problem because we have the necessary legal tool to enforce those standards -- and we intend to do so,'' said H.
Overman, MD outlines a patient's true- life stories and her physician's insights as it covers the three stages of chronic illness: getting sick, being sick, and living well.
Senior youth worker George McCreedy said: "Before every match the players, managers and parents have to shovel up the mess and we are getting sick and tired of it.
Public Citizen's Patty Lovera agrees: "People are getting sick because cattle are crowded into small pens, sleeping in their own waste.
I am an old, retired veteran and I am getting sick of your magazine due to the hoard of veterans displaying their displeasure at everything-most of whom don't vote.
As far back as the 1960s, workers in factories making polymer products were getting sick from hot PTFE, says Jane Houlihan of the Environmental Working Group.
As concerns grow over the fast-spreading severe acute respiratory syndrome, travelers passing up trips in fear of getting sick are discovering that most insurance policies won't reimburse them for such cancellations.
Within one month of getting sick, 29 percent of those who came down with food poisoning reported pain, swelling, or redness at their joints," says Mark Dworkin, now at the Illinois Department of Public Health in Chicago.
For example, employers should not rely on GPs to manage absence for them and should be more proactive about getting sick staff back to work.
This book explores the irony of the promises of future medicines, in which we are ignoring the problems of children who are prematurely aging and getting sick due to sugar overload, antibiotic abuse, poisoning due to synthetic hormones, and anger.
Breast milk may help keep your baby from getting sick.
We finally ended the strike because people were getting sick, and the university wasn't budging," said Christie Hudson, a hunger striker who managed to graduate May 3.