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an insignificant place

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GETTING NOWHERE Bella Ekwen-Aiwerioghene is applying for 20 jobs a day
15pm) The police are getting nowhere in solving the case of a missing girl so the family hires two private detectives, Casey Affleck and Michelle Monaghan.
While Bulgarian tax authorities are getting nowhere with their plans to look into the Swiss bank accounts of Bulgarians whom they suspect of tax evasion, Germany has raked in one billion euros from tax dodgers.
I was getting nowhere and the rabbits were running amok with my crops," he said.
I will say that fans should be getting nowhere near the dug-outs and stewards have to do a better job in preventing this.
Rosario Gamez has been calling for months and getting nowhere.
We are getting nowhere with the players we are trying to bring in because they keep saying they're waiting to see what division we will be in.
It was two grown men and we weren't getting nowhere with it.
Sports coach Vicky said: "I was getting nowhere till you helped.
Pass me the step-ladder/ hang on, luv, me bladder/ He was getting nowhere.
We've asked the Scottish Executive to fund it on more than one occasion but we're getting nowhere.
After years of feeling like he was getting nowhere, he set out for New York where he hoped, once again, to join the merchant marine.
It consisted of three dull, fairly thick people getting nowhere near the pounds 100,000 prize.
We were getting nowhere but now people are bending over backwards to help us.