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Synonyms for lump

Synonyms for lump

an irregularly shaped mass of indefinite size

an unevenness or elevation on a surface

a small raised area of skin resulting from a light blow or an insect sting, for example

a large, ungainly, and dull-witted person

something justly deserved

to put into a disordered pile

to move heavily

Synonyms for lump

an awkward stupid person

a large piece of something without definite shape


put together indiscriminately

group or chunk together in a certain order or place side by side

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However, he was very impressive beating Copper Bleu on his hurdling debut at Doncaster, albeit getting lumps of weight, and is now a serious candidate for festival honours.
I think this horse and perhaps more particularly this stable could be one to be with this season but on this occasion I prefer HIBIKI getting lumps of weight and having already had a pipe-opener.
That day he was getting lumps of weight from Halcon Genelardais and today he has to give him weight but I'm far from convinced that Halcon likes this track and Joe Lively could be an improved horse this season.
You start putting on weight and getting lumps and bumps in places you didn't have them when you were 20.
This is his first time tackling older horses and it's not like he is getting lumps of weight for doing so, and the 2lb he receives off the battle-hardened Elusive Dream might not be enough, then you have to wonder whether he is up to conceding 1lb to the Nicky Henderson-trained high-class mare, Chomba Womba.
That form is top-class and he is going to be there or thereabouts with a clear run, getting lumps of weight off Reverence
Richard Collinson is able to claim a generous 10lb riding for his boss, which takes Celticello's weight down to 9st 7lb, and it's a massive bonus, as he's getting lumps of weight from all of his rivals, not just the ones at the top of the handicap
But it's not just getting lumps and bumps, it's the incapacity of being so incredibly tired all of the time.
He was getting lumps of weight from Watson Lake, so it was arguably disappointing that he wasnOt more of a threat to the winner.
The horse still ran a fine Cesarewitch trial in second to Georgia Venture who was getting lumps of weight and is in form.