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Synonyms for idea

Synonyms for idea

that which exists in the mind as the product of careful mental activity

something believed or accepted as true by a person

intuitive cognition

a method for making, doing, or accomplishing something

the gist of a specific action or situation

Synonyms for idea

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Getting ideas into your minds through digital means is also a top priority.
All in all, I love reading and getting ideas from BOWHUNTING Magazine.
Wolves are in danger of getting ideas above their station as they languish near bottom of the Second Division - or whatever the marketing whizzkids are calling it this season.
The first part of the lesson focuses on getting ideas.
I am looking forward to getting ideas from members on how to do that and then also working on getting UCC members' ideas on common concerns so that as a caucus we can present our ideas as part of the NLC policy agenda.
Others said they enjoy the grocery shopping experience, seeing new products and getting ideas for meals from trips to the store.
Later on, when it appeared that Defense Secretary Weinberger and the functionaries actually running the Strategic Defense Initiative program might be getting ideas above their station and grabbing too large a chunk of the budget they were sharply reined in by the military high command.
I think one of the biggest advantages of doing Sniper School here is that we're getting ideas about where we can conduct our own sniper training and how we can accomplish that here.
Examples of this concept might include an elevator manufacturer getting ideas for improving their invoicing procedures from an established banking firm, or a travel agency seeking advice on customer satisfaction from a well-known department store.
The innovation process has three major elements: getting ideas, turning them into reality, and ultimately, getting the product on the market at the right price with the best marketing and distribution.
So, Jenni spent four months getting ideas, writing, and rewriting her book.
says that at this point, the auto industry is more interested in getting ideas for new components than advice on body panels and fenders, things in which they've had "a hundred years of experience.
com users to visit homes "room-by-room," from kitchen or bath to bedroom and beyond, getting ideas and inspirations for making their own house designed to sell.
She said: "I have been making the designs up as I go along - and getting ideas from the requests that have been sent in.
Sharan Walia, committee member of Ekta, said: "Today we have organised entertainment for everyone and will be informing them about what our plans are for the future, getting ideas from them and see how this group is going to progress.