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He said it is unique occasion that with the assistance of our Turkish brothers a number of deserving patients were being operated in Rawalpindi and Chakwal besides other places and they had been even getting eye lenses free of cost.
Due to lifestyles changes people are getting eye defects at an early age and even children are getting affected by eye defects at early age.
This session clearly demonstrated the excellent outcomes of some of the MP visits and how worthwhile this work has been in getting eye health on the politicians' agenda.
I don't have a problem not getting eye contact if I've left them out - I'll treat them better than the ones who are playing.
For example, if students in the district are getting eye glasses, and we want to know if recieving eyeglasses has an effect on their academic performance," he said, "we need to know the subset of kids that received eyeglasses" - and deidentified social security numbers could be used to keep track of them.
Melbourne, March 23 (ANI): A lot of Aussie men avoid getting eye check up done because they fear they'll be asked to wear glasses.
There was still the problem, though, of getting eye care providers to release patients' prescriptions so Coon could fill them.