getting even

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Watches are getting even bigger for men and women, Elzey said as he revealed a massive gold face with a diamond rim.
The building is stabilized and 31st Street is an excellent corridor that's getting even better," Korman said in a conversation with REW in August 2005.
Written by a married couple of private investigators with 25 years experience each, both of whom specialize in infidelity cases, A Woman's Guide to Revenge: Funny True Stories About Getting Even is an eyebrow-raising collection of humorous true stories about cheating husbands and scheming boyfriends--and the wince-inducing revenge taken by their jilted wives and girlfriends
ONCE AGAIN, 3RD LAIR HOSTED the Damn Am Contest--and the series is getting even larger.
Our sales to senior customers rose during the recession of the past few years, but now they are getting even better," a Mitsukoshi official says.
Primary school advertisements for heads often attract only five applicants, with special schools getting even fewer.
You're going to have a difficult time getting even progressive heterosexuals to come to a church that is anchored to a gay and lesbian church.
Motors, pumps, and other electromechanical devices are tinier than ever--and getting even smaller.
It's been a nightmare time for John, giving him ample time to think about getting even.
COMMENTARY: ADSL is getting even cheaper due to this cut-throat price war.
But it seems that we are getting even more space this time.
This year's NLJ 250 survey reflects a continuation of steady growth in the profession and shows that the largest law firms are getting even larger," said Rex Bossert, editor in chief of the newspaper.
LIFE is getting even tougher for high street stores, with business now the slowest bosses can remember in more than 15 years.
But getting even one win won't be easy, because Stanford's final four games are against USC, Washington, Oregon State and Cal.
And the ones who never eased up on the restrictions are getting even tougher.