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Synonyms for bottom

Synonyms for bottom

a side or surface that is below or under

a very low level, position, or degree

a point of origin from which ideas or influences, for example, originate

the part of one's back on which one rests in sitting

opposite to or farthest from the top

Synonyms for bottom

the lower side of anything

the lowest part of anything

the second half of an inning

low-lying alluvial land near a river


Related Words

provide with a bottom or a seat

strike the ground, as with a ship's bottom

come to understand

Related Words

situated at the bottom or lowest position


the lowest rank

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Sound occurs just before the key gets to the bottom.
DRAMA In the final instalment of this thrilling drama, Cormoran (Tom Burke) unravels Tony's alibi and gets to the bottom of Lula's mysterious death.
Humphrey Goodman, pictured, gets to the bottom of the murder of an air stewardess tonight
Hopkins delivers Hitch's lines with relish, but the make-up is oddly unconvincing and the film never quite gets to the bottom of his darker inclinations and the origins of his creativity.
But the former Page 3 girl says her dream job is to be a sleuth who gets to the bottom of criminals' minds.
IT seems inconceivable that former RBS boss Sir Fred Goodwin didn't know of the bank's toxic debts and I hope any investigation gets to the bottom of this.
Calderwood said: "If this gets to the bottom of the problem and brings more fans to the Hibs game I'm all for it.
If someone isn't telling the truth, she can suss it out, so always gets to the bottom of an issue and the real facts.
George Duffield must wait until Friday before he gets to the bottom of the shoulder problem that has kept the weighing-room veteran on the sidelines for four weeks.
Tier on tier of bureaucracy with the money going in the top and by the time it gets to the bottom there's not enough to maintain our roads, parks, toilets, all the services that were provided by smaller efficient boroughs for some the gravy train.
Other things to check out include Bamboo Racer, with six lanes so riders can challenge their friends to see who gets to the bottom first; Taboo Tower with three different body speed slides (including one called Daredevil Plunge); Arrowhead Splashdown, with three twisting and turning open-tube slides; and, of course, a lazy river.