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Call centre hours are also being extended according to demand as the new service gets off the ground.
A new cashless online auction site gets off the ground this month - the result of a new alliance between Coca-Cola Great Britain and QLX.
A number of questions remain to be ironed out before the program gets off the ground, including copyright and royalty issues, Cazares said.
I, for one, hope that this scheme gets off the ground.
A NEW Gaelic Football computer game could be binned before it even gets off the ground, if an agreement cannot be reached over player image rights.
Budding pop stars will be able to train with the best when an X Factor-style children's coaching class gets off the ground.
In a nutshell: Faithful adaptation gets off the ground but never soars.
But financial adviser James Baillie has been warned his brainchild, Reclaim Rangers, could be doomed before it gets off the ground.
Barton was then pulled away and the victim gets off the ground.
HOMEOWNERS in Tam-worth and Lichf ield will see their tax bills soar by pounds 70 if a controversial arts scheme miles away in Stafford gets off the ground.
BABIES and young children in parts of Leamington are set for a better start in life when a government scheme gets off the ground.
A new campaign which aims to safeguard manufacturing jobs in the UK gets off the ground in Northampton later this month.
Professional cricketers' notoriously low salary levels would be expected to rise if the new competition gets off the ground.