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Synonyms for getable

capable of being obtained

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For a batting line-up as strong as Connah's Quay's, 167 looked a very getable target, but the travellers were sent packing for a paltry 75, danger man David Fox doing best with 29.
It's been nearly 2 years to the day since Getable announced it was renaming itself, going from a search engine to find things for user to rent, everything from tuxedos, to camping gear to jackhammers to only concentrating on a single vertical: dealing solely in leasing out tools and equipment to contractors and construction firms.
Being married to such a recognisable player means the family getable player means the family get quite a lot of attention.
The white southern conservatives that Bill Clinton won over in 1992 and 1996 are for the most part no longer getable for any Democrat and are less needed now that demographic groups like Hispanics, Millennials, and college-educated white women are in the Democratic camp.