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And ask anyone who has a cold to postpone planned get-togethers with you.
Ceramic Experience in Blaydon is an award- winning 'paint-your-own pottery' franchise offering free entry fun days for children, birthday parties, hen nights and office get-togethers.
Written with guitars, percussion, and lead vocals by Shad Weathersby, this delightful kid-friendly collection is especially great for playing at birthday parties and other kid-oriented celebrations and get-togethers.
She organized family get-togethers and cooked for them.
Under the title "Pintura em Familia" (Painting in the Family) the artist added to his own drawings a set by his eighty-two-year-old Aunt Judith, done during innumerable family get-togethers and presented here hanging from a clothesline in a rear room whose mat-covered floor reinforced the domestic atmosphere.
Chartered certified accountants and business advisers Pilley & Florsham is urging Scrooge bosses to take advantage of current rules that saw the tax free amount on get-togethers being doubled last year.
Branson paid about $222,500 for the island in the 1970s, and today the property and the pristine nature-laden island on which it sits are worth a small fortune Branson uses the island for family getaways and for get-togethers with friends like Mick Jagger, but the rest of the year it's yours for the asking--and $38,000 a day.
Speaking of industry get-togethers, the recent Technology Summit II assembled some of the industry's greatest thinkers to focus on implementing the most innovative technology ideas in development.
The Kentucky-based manufacturer, creator of microencapsulated ice cream, is offering party packages in varying sizes for "birthday parties, holiday get-togethers, and major milestones.
SIXTEEN of the top young players in North Wales gathered at the North Wales Club in Llandudno for the second in a series of four get-togethers taking place over the winter under the watchful eye of county coach Ian Runcie.
where Icelandic Spring Water was a ubiquitous sponsor, including of a (yes, real) for fashion show at one of the evening get-togethers.
Wisconsin ACPE members, who also hold live member get-togethers, have an online forum, as well.
During holiday parties and family get-togethers, treat yourself to what you really want and savor it.
MORE than a quarter of Welsh family get-togethers end in tears according to a new survey.
When Norquist hosts weekly get-togethers of over 100 conservative groups, the administration has sent at least one representative to every meeting