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However, according to a new investigation, at least one of these higher areas shapes what we see from the get-go, and it does it by actually suppressing activity in the primary visual cortex.
Yes, the Puritans screwed American traditions and values from the get-go ("Christian Wahhabists," Barbara Ehrenreich, January issue).
THE WAR ON TERROR PROMISED FROM THE GET-GO to take Americans to some odd places--both geographically and ideologically--and we've already covered significant ground.
Thus, when the IASB met in London in late July -- following extensive consultation with the SAC -- to set agenda items, a major decision was: would it tackle something very controversial at the get-go, or would it start with something safer and easier to accomplish, so that some progress would be quickly visible?
In my search for the perfect property manager, I knew from the get-go that Kaled was the perfect match.
Needless to say, only a few nursing facilities have been ready to sign on from the get-go, and the NJPAN has made it its business to help bring worthy applicants up-to-speed.
Evander has been a winner his whole life, and we believe his fame and reputation will help make The Real Deal Grill a very popular consumer product from the get-go.
Although quite pleasing to look at for a while -- lush jungles, gorgeous water features, bare young flesh all over the place -- the film is spiritually misshapen from the get-go.
In this case, we started planning [the system] from the get-go, with all the stakeholders involved.
work is that Robinson is pretty clear from the get-go that we're not supposed to take any of this too seriously.
With her makeup, masks, costumes, and disguises, it's as if Sherman had been "clowning" from the get-go.
Telecom says that the contracts were illegal from the get-go, and an arbitrator reviewing the matter should arrive at a decision within the next 12 months.
The new findings back recent research suggesting that spruce and fir logs from distant mountaintops were incorporated into the buildings from the get-go.
Vaughn was one of tap's great impresarios from the get-go in the 1970s tap revival.