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If you get rid of Dave Jones, you get rid of years of experience and one of the best managers in the Championship, with the experience needed for the Premiership.
Hardoi, Sep 30 (ANI): Stating that Jan Lokpal Bill is a small step in the whole process of getting rid of corruption, Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev expressing confidence on Friday said we can get rid of hundred percent corruption in the country through a change in economic policies and formulation of laws.
Water-holding containers: Get rid of old tires, bottles, cans and buckets - or empty them.
Too many of them were sneaking out to the trash dumpster after dark to get rid of theirs because they were ashamed for anyone to see they were throwing it away.
Under a plan by Los Angeles County to create a wetland on 200 acres of the wash between the Foothill Freeway and Wentworth Street, officials will get rid of interloping plants and animals such as cowbirds, which will be trapped.
It can be as simple as a guy wanting to get rid of the tattoo that says, ``Mary, my love forever'' - when she wasn't - or as complicated as a hard- core ex-con, like Robert Carrano, wanting to get rid of a face-full of tattoos.
People wanting to get rid of these items and remain environmentally responsible are often confused or unsure about what to do.
While we are trying to get rid of the mice and rats near our homes, we are unintentionally getting rid of our mountain lions, bobcats and our raptors.
In a separate report in the March 4 NATURE, he and Duke biochemist Irwin Fridovich propose that if the enzyme is missing or not working properly, then free radicals typically generated during nerve-ceil activity may build up and slowly destroy neUrons Thus, the finding suggests that therapies to get rid of free radicals may slow the progression of this disease, he adds.
The water could be used for irrigating parks or landscaping or - eventually - for replenishing the underground aquifer, rather than creating new farm fields just to get rid of it, committee members say.
If washing doesn't get rid of the smell, then replace the parka or trousers.
You need specific traces of [p27 and other] proteins, but you also need to get rid of them fast.