get away

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  • verb

Synonyms for get away

escape potentially unpleasant consequences

remove oneself from a familiar environment, usually for pleasure or diversion


References in classic literature ?
And I don't jump at him all of a sudden, and risk making a blundering half-way business of it; no, I get away off yonder to one side, and work up on him gradually, so that he never suspects that I'm going to hit him at all; and by and by, all in a flash, he's flat on his back, and he can't tell for the life of him how it all happened.
It is such a rest and relief to get away from crowds of people, and handshaking, and travelling, to get home, even if it be for but a very brief while.
Do you suppose that the whole street--the whole of London, for that matter Get away, Austin, we don't want you here.
It would have been much easier for him to have climbed up to the attic and hidden there, waiting for an opportunity to get away, if his purpose had been only flight.
No bill would be any less for turning out any one at this time; and then there would be the scandal--and Jurgis wanted nothing except to get away with Ona and to let the world go its own way.