get away

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  • verb

Synonyms for get away

escape potentially unpleasant consequences

remove oneself from a familiar environment, usually for pleasure or diversion


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People move out here to get away from the rat race, but they realized they don't have a Starbucks on the corner.
Obviously if they see that a blind eye is turned ,they can get away with what they want; put simply they're getting away with murder.
All her life, she has covered for her mother, cared for her little brother, and listened to her opinionated grandmother; now, she feels her only hope of survival is to escape, to get away.
But the bizarre truth remains: Even in the realm of political correctness, there still are safe houses for the bigot You can make jokes about certain groups and still get away with it.
It's just incredible how much that company has gotten away with and continues to get away with," says Abrahamson.