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used of the language of the deaf

being other than verbal communication

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Another alternative when communicating with a colleague is to complement the drawings and to explain the interaction orally or gesturally (THOLANDER, KARLGREN, RAMBERG & SOKJER, 2008).
The discourse is oral, polylogical and gesturally rich but it is also mediated by texts, most of them shared over the internet (e.
Conversely, were elite gentlemen anxious, in a kind of "chase and flight" mechanism of social differentiation, to create a shibboleth of ("under-performed") gentility that working-class men could not, as it were, gesturally pronounce?
In this way "the smell of burning" comes to link, even though in effect only gesturally, all scenes in the narrative in which someone, and principally Ono, is either treated, or apparently behaves like, a "traitor.
Sometimes it does, perhaps inevitably, since our primary means of communication is verbal--even though we talk gesturally long before we have said our first words.
This couple, who mostly performed gesturally and gymnastically, seemed magnetically attached even when separated.
While the affect and pitch materials are demonstrably different between the original viola tune, the intermediary section Bunita Marcus identifies as the "bouncing interplay" of all four strings in unison fragments (see example 12), and the cello's eerily high croons (see example 13), their similarly repetitive, stepwise ascents mark them as belonging gesturally and emotionally to a similar world, a world of repetition compulsion and clamoring, reaching, unfurling, upward-reaching cries-or, perhaps, questions.
can get to actual representation of travel, and it gives us, gesturally,
I want cookie please") in the 1:1 instructional setting, but he emitted few appropriate mands and instead cried or gesturally indicated the preferred items or activities in the NIS.
And so, in recalling his life's achievements--endless conquests and journeys--he makes gesturally visible both what he has done and what he would still long to do: 'And shall I die, and this unconquered?
It is problematic because, in this fairly brief monograph, these fields end up under-explored and often only gesturally connected.
Women, rather than boys, play the female and boy roles; and while the comic characterizations tend to be broad, the overall acting style is not as gesturally conventionalized as some scholars believe it was in the early modern period.
Dance reviewer, former classical dancer himself, and poet associated with the so-called New York School, Edwin Denby has a passage about how the dancer must gesturally conjure an entire world around an arbitrary point in space.
In effect, Ruth verbally and gesturally pre-enacts Sam's report of the sex act Jessie had performed blatantly in the back of his taxi as he watched, helplessly enthralled.
Even though forced or gesturally prompted exchanges ended coughing and eliminated the aggression (see Figure 3), it was not until a tangible exchange was taught and then paired with the break from coughing exchange did Bruce ever hand the break card independently.