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used of the language of the deaf

being other than verbal communication

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In effect, Ruth verbally and gesturally pre-enacts Sam's report of the sex act Jessie had performed blatantly in the back of his taxi as he watched, helplessly enthralled.
Even though forced or gesturally prompted exchanges ended coughing and eliminated the aggression (see Figure 3), it was not until a tangible exchange was taught and then paired with the break from coughing exchange did Bruce ever hand the break card independently.
The active participation of the assembly is realized by the individual believer's degree of agreement with the religious attitudes expressed verbally and gesturally in the ritual act, and which mirror the sacrificial attitudes of Jesus expressed at the Last Supper and in the event of his historical death of the cross.
No Response was coded when the teacher did not interact verbally, physically or gesturally with the student or the class (e.
And though he holds gesturally that the explanation of the exceptional extent of American violence rests in our basic consensus, his every specification of (other people's) explanations--polarization, discrimination and exploitation, social dislocation, decentralization, ethnic and religious diversity, evangelical Protestantism--rests on an absence of any such consensus.
Perreault's minimalist and indiosyncratic contemporary choreography is earthbound, gesturally limited, and repetitive.
However, while Michelangelo's Eve -- the subject of Boyle's second section -- is depicted with her palms together and raised before God alone in a gesture of distinct and prayerful submission, "[i]t is the Creator to whom [Eve] relates posturally and gesturally, ignoring Adam who slumbers unconscious in her presence" (107).
Exploring all the nuances of meaning within its title, Play is gesturally built, its orchestral sound surprisingly dense at times, but its begu iling textures always clearly imagined.
This way of expressing emotion gesturally corresponds to a nicety with the beginning of the battle-scene as rendered in the same song two stanzas above (and quoted as text 4c above).
the independent control of musical sound's various qualities - a legacy of postwar serialism) to a somewhat more traditional sounding, gesturally oriented surface.