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used of the language of the deaf

being other than verbal communication

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Even a few of the more predictable aspects of his artmaking--that the largest canvases have the largest brushstrokes, for example, and that Whitney somewhat slavishly respects the canvases' edges, reinforcing their vertical or horizontal articulation, as if he is painting on pre-stretched canvas--seem part of his endeavor to practice gestural abstraction while turning away from the solipsistic drama that, throughout its history, has defined it.
Bowing or holding hands (or extending and raising the hands) at the Our Father are other familiar forms of gestural spirituality.
Attempt to extend HAPPY to other gestural and graphic sign systems, such as PIC, PCS, Bliss, Rebus, etc.
I love the scent of burning wood, so I continued making gestural lines until the charcoal tip was worn, then I burned a bit more and developed the image.
Further down the road, gestural understanding will be introduced into the corporate environment.
To the uninitiated eye, the gestural vocabulary of an unknown culture is at once informative and bewildering, more transparent than an unknown tongue but still half opaque.
Apple's iPhone, Nintendo Wii Show that Consumers Hunger for New Gestural Interfaces, but Big Payoff Will Be in Revolutionizing the Television Viewing Experience
29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Gesture recognition will gradually replace today's multifunctional touch screens with the result that the market for sensors and related components used in gestural control systems will grow from $770 million in 2014 to about $3.
The finding supports the hypothesis that language development, which is lateralized in the left part of the human brain, is based on a common gestural communication system.
She calls this process building a gestural vocabulary.
Both the nature of the site and the presence of an original structure gave rise to a more nuanced strategy of restatement and consolidation, as opposed to simply introducing a gestural, object building.
With Portrait Robert Johnson she took terms like aura or obsession--terms that were closely associated with gestural painting and that had been discredited by postmodern theory--and presented them as if they could not be simply tossed aside.
His innovative combination of surrealism and gestural improvisation set Woelffer apart, inspiring the respect of peers such as Robert Motherwell, who considered him one of the heavyweights of abstract expressionism.
He identifies a set of figural and gestural conventions, derived largely from late antique relief, which were used by Mannerist artists to create ambiguity and tension in the representation of fictive space.
Consumers have shown a growing preference for the multi-touch, gestural interface pioneered by the iPhone[R], but that is only appropriate for small devices in your hand or embedded in a surface.