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Synonyms for gestural

used of the language of the deaf

being other than verbal communication

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Which is not to say the weight of history dooms gestural abstraction to cliche; to the contrary, its legacy can be wielded as a feature, not a bug.
Carating's creative coin also includes gestural artworks.
In chapter 4, "Inscription as Performance: Henri Michaux and the Writing Body," Noland reads the influence of "prehistoric visual culture" (139) on Michaux's work, whose "gestural signs" she explores in the context of the history of his turn from writing to the repetitive gestural pictographic "signing" of his 1951 Mouvements, in order to conclude that "subjectivity is kinetically as well as discursively conditioned"; a condition that, as in the previous chapters, is yet another opportunity for the self to resist and subvert its social inscription.
Bowing or holding hands (or extending and raising the hands) at the Our Father are other familiar forms of gestural spirituality.
Attempt to extend HAPPY to other gestural and graphic sign systems, such as PIC, PCS, Bliss, Rebus, etc.
I love the scent of burning wood, so I continued making gestural lines until the charcoal tip was worn, then I burned a bit more and developed the image.
Further down the road, gestural understanding will be introduced into the corporate environment.
He identifies a set of figural and gestural conventions, derived largely from late antique relief, which were used by Mannerist artists to create ambiguity and tension in the representation of fictive space.
To the uninitiated eye, the gestural vocabulary of an unknown culture is at once informative and bewildering, more transparent than an unknown tongue but still half opaque.
Other systems recognize specific gestural commands.
Apple's iPhone, Nintendo Wii Show that Consumers Hunger for New Gestural Interfaces, but Big Payoff Will Be in Revolutionizing the Television Viewing Experience
In turn, this rigor stands in productive contrast to his willful and subjective gestural marks, which seem forthright and outspoken as they move within the pictorial space without necessarily aiming toward expression.
Considering the key role gesture itself plays in human communication and in language evolution, understanding the mechanisms underlying gestural imitation is thus essential for assessing how human culture and communication relate.
The finding supports the hypothesis that language development, which is lateralized in the left part of the human brain, is based on a common gestural communication system.
She calls this process building a gestural vocabulary.