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Chaque touche se veut une note polyphonique qui participe a l'elaboration des lignes de force, du mouvement ascendant de [beaucoup moins que] croisee des chemins[beaucoup plus grand que] ou de ses etats d'ame [beaucoup moins que]entre le dedans et le dehors[beaucoup plus grand que], en entrainant l'oeil dans le labyrinthe des gestes qui nous font penetrer dans les espaces interieurs.
Nathalie Rizzoni ("Le Geste eloquent: la pantomime en France au [XVIII.
Les gestes sont doux, mesures, [beaucoup moins que]mecaniques[beaucoup plus grand que]presque, dirions-nous.
La publication du rapport du Conseil National des Droits de l'Homme (CNDH) et son enterinement par Sa Majeste le Roi, constitue un saut qualitatif sans precedent et un geste qui demontre la maturite du Maroc et sa ferme volonte de s'attaquer aux defis auxquels il doit faire face", a affirme Soenke Schmidt, de la delegation de l'UE a Geneve.
In WSW winds, which started out at 16 knots moderating to 10 knots by the final race, plus a nasty chop at times, Team Beau Geste used the final four races to put daylight between them and second on the IRC overall pointscore.
The chansons de geste ("songs of heroic deeds") of Biblioteca Nazionale Manoscritto marciano fondo franceses XIII of Venice, Italy, is a frequently studied text in the scholarly literature concerned with early Italian and late Old French languages and literary traditions.
Note: Beau Geste [Boe-Jest] is "Beautiful Gesture" in French.
It's an act typical of the artist--a beau geste, to use his own terminology--ducking the pressure of the prize and denying the institution its expected role in funding further art while still celebrating and making use of the reward in an artful way.
Recent years have seen a new and significant re-evaluation of the late medieval genre of remaniements en prose of the chansons de geste.
Nobody joins the Army to be treated like Beau Geste.
While harking back to classical epic, chanson de geste, and medieval romance and looking forward to the modern novel, Murrin concentrates on heroic poetry of the sixteenth century, which he seeks to read in light of both the dramatic changes in the conduct of warfare during that epoch and the historical records that pertain to the conflicts such poetry aims to represent.
At present it is too early to judge - Perrault's impulsive geste architectural will only find its real meaning and identity once the surrounding morass of the Tolbiac neighbourhood has been slowly coaxed and coalesced into some kind of permanent form.
La plupart des fonds seront investis dans une vaste campagne de publicite et de marketing a l'echelle nationale mettant en vedette RuPaul, une vedette mieux connue pour son choix impeccable de chaussures et d'accessoires ainsi que ses tenues de soiree; un geste considere agressif meme pour une compagnie Internet.
Prometteur portier au Real et en equipe de France dans les categories jeunes, il s'est fait remarquer pour son geste envers un adversaire, lors du derby madrilene entre l'Atletico et le Real, chez les U17.