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05) of gestation by increasing dietary CP level in gestation (Table 4), and gestating gilts fed 17% CP diet had the highest PUN level at 15, 35, 70, 90, and 110 d of gestation among dietary treatments.
He outlined two exceptions: the "ticking time bomb" scenario and the high-value, high-level terrorist who possesses a treasure trove of information about the terror network and the plots it's gestating.
Maryland's) include provisions for cloning beyond the embryonic stage and gestating the clone to develop the brutally inhumane practice of fetal farming for body parts and more Nazi-like experimentation.
They discovered that exposing gestating mothers to the EDCs caused reduced sperm generation in adult male offspring.
civil rights movements of the 1960s fed on longer gestating prehistories and potentials, and an equivalent case can certainly be made for West Germany, even allowing for the specificities of its post-1945 political culture.
Yet it's amazing how impenetrable certain people are; you'd think that the invention of tiny cameras that photograph a baby developing in the womb, or the arrival of ultra-sound technology that gives the mother an unambiguous image of the person gestating inside of her, would prick the consciences of the abortioneers, end the abortion debate, and send the providers of this hideous practice packing--perhaps to prison.
In the area of proper nutrition, thought and extra effort must be given to available supplies of fresh ice-free water at all times for all classes of hogs--the baby pig, the weanling, growing/finishing, gestating and the lactating sow.
The third novel, gestating at present, will be another Andy Keller mystery, this one set in Eugene.
What is more, having just sat through all two gob-smackingly crass and insensitive minutes of it, it's clear that the controversy the long gestating project has provoked so far is a long way from being over.
The reboot of the movie has been gestating for years but failed to make it into production, the most recent attempt was from Studio Canal with "The Matrix" producer Joel Silver.
Much like the young Noel Gallagher, they spent years gestating their songwriting craft.
T She might have an accomplished lm, television and theatre CV, as well as running her own drama club, but Michelle, 42, has an altogether dierent talent gestating.
The scheme has been gestating during various administrations in Birmingham, has survived and may now finally come to fruition.
The researchers -- David Crews at Texas , Michael Skinner at Washington State and colleagues -- exposed gestating female rats to vinclozolin, a popular fruit and vegetable fungicide known to disrupt hormones and have effects across generations of animals.