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The unwed mother thus gestates material that belongs to no one, and the case once again resembles the paradigmatic unowned field.
When a woman gestates her own egg with another's sperm, the ensuing battle over the developed child seems an appropriate case for the doctrine of accessions.
The court added that its ruling would have been the same if the case had been "a true 'egg donation' situation, where a woman gestates and gives birth to a child formed from the egg of another woman with the intent to raise the child as her own.
But from a risk/reward standpoint, the next nine months could prove volatile as backlogs dwindle and as the ramp to 300mm wafer manufacturing gestates.
As a result, the components of procreation have become increasingly fragmented: The role of "mother" no longer necessarily refers to a woman who both provides the ovum for a child and gestates her, and the role of "father" no longer necessarily refers to a man who provides sperm.