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The team also found that the percent fat and protein in milk did not differ between cows that gestated a son or daughter, so the quality of milk was the same.
which prohibits the use of tissues or organs from a human fetus who had been gestated for that purpose in a human or animal womb.
The idea gestated for six years after Jenni's first - and disastrous - brush with long distance riding.
The legislation, which is expected to pass, will prohibit the implantation of cloned human embryos, which requires that they be killed before being allowed to be born if gestated artificially.
The banteng embryos were implanted into ordinary domestic cows, which successfully gestated these calves.
Shinn salutes Charlotte Bronte's classic Jane Eyre in this SF tale about Jenna, gestated in and harvested from a take for a woman who could not bear children.
All people have the right to have been conceived, gestated, and born without genetic manipulation.
As older physicians fade from the scene, their ranks will be filled with those gestated in a system shaped by technology's benefits and by its collateral effects.
The genetic parents, those who have contributed the genetic material, can be different than the gestational parent, the woman who has gestated the fetus, and different from the intending parents, those who have contracted and paid for the gestational services and genetic materials.
What he became is entirely his own responsibility, but if his bitterness toward mankind gestated in his own pain, we must help our children to understand the impact of cruel and insensitive conduct.