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Since one woman can now gestate another woman's egg, and since sperm banks are widely available, it is now possible to have many potential parents: an individual or couple (the contracting or intending parents), a sperm donor and an egg donor (the genetic parents), and a gestator (the surrogate mother).
But Dunsworth and her colleagues now say in a paper appearing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that the real answer is that women gestate their babies for about as long as their bodies can support the baby.
These individuals are not dead in the traditional, commonly used sense of that term: Dead bodies do not get a fever, grow, or gestate foetuses.
A COLDITZ-style housing scheme for neighbours from hell pioneered on a Dundee gestate is to copied across Britain.
Females gestate for nearly 9 months and give birth to one baby at a time.
The symphony (1960) had to gestate for another five years, but the concerto emerged around the time Walton was experimenting with more exotic sounds and flexible rhythms, best demonstrated by the Johannesburg Festival Overture.
Just to update things up a little, the vampfants gestate in oozy, ``Alien''-like cocoons.
The union of genetics and reproduction has moved us toward an era in which parents will have an astonishing variety of techniques available to conceive and gestate children and to select the attributes their children may have.
The baby bull named Noah was believed to be the first animal to gestate in the womb of another species and survive through the late states of fetal development.
In recent years society has developed a range of novel technological and legal means to help people overcome infertility and the inability to gestate.
In other words: In New Jersey it is ok to create and gestate human embryos all you want, as long as you kill them for their cells and organs before they can be born.
Too often agencies (usually public sector, it has to be said) try and develop a perfect solution which takes so long to gestate and is so expensive that it never happens.