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What is the effect on eggs that have been sucked out of an ovary, previously stimulated with high doses of hormones, fertilized with sperm outside a woman's body, and reintroduced into a woman whose body has been stimulated by yet other hormones so that she can accept one or more embryos and begin to gestate them?
A gestational surrogate is a woman who agrees to gestate a baby for an infertile couple by having an embryo implanted in her uterus and thus has no genetic relationship to the child she bears.
Note that "success" in the latter case would be seriously limited, assuming that the pregnant woman's goal is to gestate and subsequently deliver one or more healthy infants.
The symphony (1960) had to gestate for another five years, but the concerto emerged around the time Walton was experimenting with more exotic sounds and flexible rhythms, best demonstrated by the Johannesburg Festival Overture.
Just to update things up a little, the vampfants gestate in oozy, ``Alien''-like cocoons.
Not only was human SCNT legalized by statute in the state but also biotechnologists in New Jersey have been authorized legally to implant cloned human embryos into wombs, gestate them for up to nine months, and then destroy them for use in research.
The baby bull named Noah was believed to be the first animal to gestate in the womb of another species and survive through the late states of fetal development.
Too often agencies (usually public sector, it has to be said) try and develop a perfect solution which takes so long to gestate and is so expensive that it never happens.
After the eggs developed into embryos, they were implanted in cows to gestate for an additional 45 days
Ambassador Juarez said that she will work to strengthen bilateral relations and added that Kenya is the center of the transformation of Africa, which is why the Costa Rican Government sent her on the way to seek participation in development that from there gestates.
She bears one 35-pound/pup per year after//it gestates nine months,/like you did, before birth,/and feeds on mama seal's//fat-rich milk for three weeks.