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a configuration or pattern of elements so unified as a whole that it cannot be described merely as a sum of its parts

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Image schemas provide models that turn the artifact into gestalts, patterns aiming at coherence and significance (Rohrer 171,173).
A century ago, gestalt psychology established the so-called gestalt laws--referring primarily to visual gestalts (Ash 133).
This specificity of the emergence of English personification gestalts that lies in complete independence of personification processes from language structure is unknown to many European poetic traditions--French, German, Italian or Spanish.
Constitutional gestalts are not normative constitutional theories, but such theories may be more or less consistent with the constitutional gestalt.
Associations such as the Legal Marketing Association don't ft the mentality as the Gestalts wrote it.
The Development of the Aesthetic and Creative Dimensions of Gestalt Therapy
We argue that the theorized reasons of firm inertia or architectural incompetence are all symptoms of the firm's inability to change its gestalt.
According to the conciseness principle, three-dimensional well-ordered gestalts from different science disciplines are presented.
Finally and more fundamentally, the lack of developmental changes on the indices may be partly due to the characteristics of the designs used, which contained only four blocks and had few gestalts (the perceptual cohesiveness of the patterns was not even mentioned until the last sentence of the article).
Third, the dual nature of structure can best be understood through the configuration of structural gestalts encompassing common combinations of frameworks and processes.
Overall gestalts are received mentally, usually as unwashed, unvarnished "factoids" with strong connections to the actual target.
It is striking that many of these sculptures were made during the heyday of Minimalism, when geometric abstraction was dumbed down into simplistic gestalts in turn mystified by theory into supposedly profound meaning.
Heron is at his best with paintings, the experiencing of which he sees as dynamic, the eye's alternating voltages and provisional gestalts opening a picture up to a variety of readings: "an eye-dance that can go on indefinitely, according to the relations your mind and eye are seeking out.
Where Minimalism worked with intelligible gestalts, Pagk's geometry is irreparably unintelligible.
The construal operations, you may want to call it problem-solving strategies, that enter our conceptualizing capacity are not different from the gestalt schemes that enter the world of perception.