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a configuration or pattern of elements so unified as a whole that it cannot be described merely as a sum of its parts

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Constitutional gestalts are not normative constitutional theories, but such theories may be more or less consistent with the constitutional gestalt.
Constitutional gestalts operate at a level of abstraction that floats above doctrines, theories, and narratives.
Associations such as the Legal Marketing Association don't ft the mentality as the Gestalts wrote it.
We argue that the theorized reasons of firm inertia or architectural incompetence are all symptoms of the firm's inability to change its gestalt.
If firm B's newly created cycle is incommensurable to the cycle in which Firm A was competing, firm A would need a gestalt change in order to survive.
Thus, for each trainee their background was significant to each one's own transformation but that beyond this, these individual gestalts came together to form a bigger communal group gestalt, perhaps in some ways mirroring the process of therapy between a therapist and a client.
This paper explores according to the phenonemenological approach of the training of a group of four trainee Gestalt therapists from four different traditions in the context of a culturally and racially diverse South Africa in the opening years of the third millennium.
According to the conciseness principle, three-dimensional well-ordered gestalts from different science disciplines are presented.
Thus, we generally call such objects as gestalts which, as correctly noted by PIAGET, owe their gestalt to be balancing interactions of forces.
New features include DemoMaker, which turns applications into demoware in minutes, an electronic registration card that can be customized to include marketing messaging, support for multiple Gestalt conditions, an auto-update installer archive feature, Mac OS 9 compatibility, new language modules, new lower pricing, and more.
Third, the dual nature of structure can best be understood through the configuration of structural gestalts encompassing common combinations of frameworks and processes.
Hence, the development of structural gestalts would allow for exploration of the coherent themes which exist between the two perspectives of structure.
Overall gestalts are received mentally, usually as unwashed, unvarnished "factoids" with strong connections to the actual target.
Where Minimalism worked with intelligible gestalts, Pagk's geometry is irreparably unintelligible.
The construal operations, you may want to call it problem-solving strategies, that enter our conceptualizing capacity are not different from the gestalt schemes that enter the world of perception.