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a configuration or pattern of elements so unified as a whole that it cannot be described merely as a sum of its parts

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Exploring the influence of Gestalt therapy training on psychiatric nursing practice: Stories from the field.
Personal change is an explicit goal of gestalt therapy but an implicit goal of other kinds of therapy.
Gestalt play therapy is a technique that uses play to allow children to express their problems in a symbolic manner and is based on the principles of gestalt therapy which is phenomenological (the aim and the methodology are awareness), based on existential dialogue, and holistic in its understanding of the interdependence between the individual and his or her environmental field.
Its contemporary uses range from psychodrama and Gestalt therapy, to historical pageants and religious festivals, to mass media and museum dioramas.
Another active therapy, Frederick Perl's Gestalt therapy, allows counselors to address clients' polarities in their presentation of themselves.
Both the control and treatment groups attended weekly gestalt therapy sessions, but the treatment group also received training in the lucid dreaming technique, whereas the control group did not.
As such the benefits of Gestalt therapy, as experienced by the group, have implications that are broadly applicable.
Gestalt Therapy and Heart-Centered Therapies reviews the basic Gestalt techniques utilized in our work, such as presentness, concrete attention to detail, somatic and body awareness, exaggeration, loosening techniques and integrating techniques.
Chinese translation of Windows to our children: A Gestalt therapy approach to children and adolescents by V.
The difference between sacred storytelling and narrative theology is that the former begins with the obvious, much like Gestalt therapy, while the latter prefers the obscure, in much the same fashion as Jungian analysis.
Another psychodramatic tool for connecting with the child witness is role playing through Gestalt therapy.
Gestalt therapy also stresses the immediacy of experiencing, and holds the assumption that much of the dysfunction in our modern society is the result of people becoming "experience-phobic" and avoiding their own feelings (Greenberg, 1994).
Stoehr also has written his own book on Goodman, Here Now Next: Paul Goodman and the Origins of Gestalt Therapy, recently published by Jossey-Bass.
Fritz Perls, the founder of Gestalt therapy, I began to look at dreams in a different way.
Consider reformer Jerry Rubin, who, following his opposition to the Vietnam war, "experienced est, gestalt therapy, bioenergetics, rolling, massage.