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a configuration or pattern of elements so unified as a whole that it cannot be described merely as a sum of its parts

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In the perceptual process, the gestalt is first acknowledged as it is closed, so-called back-structuring (Tsur, Poetic Rhythm 302f.
As of March 11, Gestalt Lucis' hospital bills totaled P130,000, excluding laboratory tests.
Along with sun-powered energy independence, Mesh Fabrication and Gestalt Furniture practice sustainability in other areas, including repurposing used materials.
In this article, personification (a variety of metaphor) is considered in the light of the gestalt theory.
The most popular phrase associated with Gestalt theory is "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
In this Article, we will focus on a particular kind of indirect legal effect--which we will call a "constitutional gestalt shift.
The author is a gestalt psychotherapist and psychodramatist.
Many of the theoretical principles and techniques common in Gestalt work fit well with recommendations for conducting effective counseling with men.
GB: The Bender-Gestalt Test, actually titled the Visual Motor Gestalt Test, evolved from the research of Gestalt psychologist, Max Wertheimer (1923).
GESTALT will bring an online training demonstrator using the results of three ACTS projects:
Embassy's Deputy Chief of Mission James Melville attended an event in Berlin in October to honor Perls' grandfather, Fritz Perls, who with his wife invented Gestalt therapy, a departure from traditional Freudian therapy.
President & CEO Abdur-Rahim Islam; former NBA All-Star Penny Hardaway; Gestalt Community Schools Chief Academic Officer Yetta Lewis; and Memphis Chief of School Operations, Academic Operations, Technology & Innovation Roderick Richmond.
CATHERINE W GICHUKI DOHA TWENTY-six exclusive art pieces by Iraqi-Armenian artist Shetha Faraj Abbo al Numan are on display at an exhibition titled 'Between Gestalt and Structuralism' at the Katara Gallery, building 19.