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The council intend to shut Ysgol Borth y Gest in 2012 and transfer the pupils to the 220-pupil Ysgol EifionWyn in Porthmadog.
It's hard to imagine what is going through the mind of a soul minister like Edwin Hawkins as he sings Oh, Happy Day accompanied by David Gest dressed as a priest with two midget nuns in tow.
Minnelli's lawyer, Frederic Siegel, said Gest was healthy enough to host a New Year's Eve concert last week.
RAGING Chris Moyles yesterday cancelled an interview with David Gest when he turned up late.
Gest told US show Dateline that Minnelli 'beat me and hit me everywhere', but it was a National Enquirer article portraying his estranged wife as an alcoholic that led to the relationship's end.
ITV programming chief Simon Shaps said yesterday: "We have no plans for David Gest.
DAVID Gest wants to appear in Channel 4's sexy soap Hollyoaks.
London, June 29 (ANI): Michael Jackson's old friend producer and TV star David Gest believes that the pressure of 50-concert schedule killed the singer.
Aside from the man himself, Gest provides a line up of soul and Motown talent.
Anthony tells Insider: "Receiving a commission from David Gest is incredible, he has worked with musical legends like Michael Jackson and so many Motown stars.
Justin Gest, 17, a senior at University High School on the Westside, said Forbes' school voucher plan is misguided.
This album is very special, as the show was conceived by my husband, David Gest and features new material by my two favorite writers, John Kander and Fred Ebb," said Minnelli.
Now that might explain why Gest wears those dark glasses so often but it doesn't explain why, if the batterings started pre-marriage as Gest alleges, he went ahead with the wedding.
The 57-year-old star's action claims Gest was behind "a series of schemes" to rip her off.