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gypsum or plaster of Paris spread on a surface to make it suitable for painting or gilding (or a surface so prepared)

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While meticulous sanding and two coats of gesso are adequate, it's not unusual for a finely crafted piece to be gessoed and sanded five or six times.
He overlays his gessoed canvas with newsprint, then seals it with Elmer's glue.
I had students do self-portraits on heavy paper we had gessoed first.
The rub is that hers aren't exactly paintings; they are gessoed wood panels screenprinted with patterns or, in some instances, with photographs.
But Spilman has also been venturing into a more unusual medium, ink reduction drawing, in which he covers a sheet of white gessoed paper with thick black ink and then scrapes a white drawing into the black background.
After the basic recycled book was dry, students gessoed both the front and back of the book and polymer objects.
Each of these assembled forms was then unified with a final layer of papier-mache and gessoed and painted.
I usually have my students paint a "dead" color (brownish green or grayish brown) on the gessoed panel or stretched canvas used for this assignment.
And smiles abounded as small fingers guided a weaving needle through a tapestry loom, dabbed oil paint on a gessoed board, or enthusiastically cut pieces of stained glass for a window design.
The quasi-abstract, often heroic images result from an improvisational and muscular handling of materials: Rockman pours onto gessoed paper a mixture of oil paints, alkyd resins, and mineral spirits, the density of which varies from thin wash to thick syrupy pool.
Like Thiebaud, I applied a thick, scumbled background over the surface (in this case, corrugated cardboard that had been gessoed first).
Each of the seven paintings on view is made up of three panels of gessoed linen that had been spray-painted while folded.
So, with this mixed-ability class, we drew from several chairs of varying sizes and styles with black pastel directly onto the gessoed paper.
Initially rendering these forms with the modeling program Autodesk 3ds Max, then simplifying them via Adobe Illustrator, the artist uses solvent to transfer the black toner from prints of each image to the panel's densely gessoed linen surface.
You might even wish to create an educational display exhibiting each step of the process, from collage to gessoed plate to inked plate to actual print.