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gypsum or plaster of Paris spread on a surface to make it suitable for painting or gilding (or a surface so prepared)

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She uses frameless wood panels with beveled edges, on which she paints the absorbent gesso of chalk and rabbit-skin glue, then unevenly sands it down and silkscreens photographic and other images on top (Figs.
545%, Chapter 30, 2016, twenty-two paintings in oil, gouache, varnish, silk-screen ink, lacquer, and gesso on wood.
The white gesso surface is the exclusive cynosure, its degree of polish, its matteness or translucence, the object of a lavish attention.
D sur chin motifs an gesso and Occasio with lacque paintings fe revellers in Lacquer about 1790 more scope l i lli Occasionally, examples are found with lacquer-covered prints or paintings featuring country scenes or revellers in tavern settings.
Estes eram representados por centenas de estatuetas de gesso pintado, de variadas dimensoes: santos de culto catolico, entidades do candomble e macumba (imagens de iemanja, personagens do folclore, indios, pretos velhos, pombas giras, exus), budas, cangaceiros, anoes de jardim, miniaturas de esculturas classicas.
In my monumental paintings of the "Dome" series, I simply create circular patterns with repetitive stamps or strokes of ink, acrylic or gesso on linen, with the light coming through the centre.
The artist, Sara Riaz in her own personal statement said, I am inspired by nature and the human condition, working mainly in oil and gesso.
Assim, o objetivo desta nota e relatar o caso de uma potra com fratura diafisaria multifragmentar em cunha de MtIII, tratada com pinos transcorticais e gesso, associados a injecao local de PRP.
The limbs and heads of these dolls were made in exactly the same way as their religious counterparts, using layers of gesso and wax painted in life-like colours.
The paintings have layer upon layer of oil paint and gesso on the canvas, colours and patterns scraped and exposed, like archeology on canvas.
Assim, o objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar o dimorfismo sexual e as relacoes entre as caracteristicas morfologicas craniofaciais, dos arcos dentarios e espessura do musculo masseter por meio do uso de radiografia cefalometrica posteroanterior (PA), modelos em gesso e ultrassonografia, respectivamente, em criancas com ocIusao normal na fase de denticao mista.
White combines his knowledge of art and technical skills by using techniques such as the application of black gesso paint and a process called stippling, in which he adds a series of dots onto the wood in a random pattern that makes the main design element come forward.
The second section deals with crafting traditional art materials: making wasli paper and tying brushes from squirrel hair for miniature painting; grinding pigments from such materials as lapis lazuli, cochineal, madder, malachite, and cinnabar; making oil and egg tempera paints; making and using gesso and bole; fine gilding.
The book covers the fundamental principles of Islamic arts and crafts: geometry, islimi and calligraphy; the widely used materials and tools, including pigments, gesso panels, gilding equipment, brushes, pens and paper.