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gypsum or plaster of Paris spread on a surface to make it suitable for painting or gilding (or a surface so prepared)

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Other recent six-figure sales include, in May 2014, at Bonhams, a gesso on gold leaf with fiber triptych, Triptico en Oro(1992), that went for $173,000 and importantly was included in their contemporary art sale (estimate: $140--180,000).
set of Regency 1810 Quartetto tables PS2,000/PS3,000, Louis XV1 style walnut Duchesse Brise, numerous mirrors including George I gilded Gesso mirror PS1,500/PS2,000, tobacco jars, iron and lead.
The newly acquired table will be displayed in Anne Boulton's sitting room at Soho House along with a carved wood and gilt gesso pier glass c1795 which Birmingham Museums have bought as part of the same acquisition.
I then draw on it and I do the gesso work where I paste gold foil on the painting and inlay it with semi precious stones and finally paint it.
C Eyeshadows in Gesso, Silver Ring, Carbon and Embark.
A variety of antique and newer crosses & crucifixes from 48" high to small, made of wood, plaster, painted gesso, ceramic, brass & steel.
It employs gilded wood to simulate metalwork; painted gesso plated with glass to look like enamels; a sculpted or impressed, putty-like material to imitate antique cameos; chunks of coloured glass to appear like gemstones and the back is painted to resemble porphyry.
Reflecting quiet opulence, custom-designed mirrors 4 with frames of gilt and gesso on wood were hand carved by Friedman Brothers, the Miami source whose work adorns The Vatican and the White House.
Laurence, who lives in Whoberley, is as associate of the RBSA and is showing a mixture of graphite and gesso drawings with some mixed media wall reliefs made from plaster, glass and wire inspired by the landscape of the south coast.
The kit contains two Art Grip Aquarelle Pencils, one Pitt artist brush pen, 20 sheets of paper in original designs and trendy prints, gesso, lace, stamps, and a stamp pad to use in creating artist trading cards (or any other project you can imagine).
O gesso agricola, um subproduto da industria de acido fosforico que contem principalmente sulfato de calcio e pequenas concentracoes de fosforo e fluor, e largamente disponivel em muitas partes do mundo.
Contrariamente, Spinola e Cicero (2000) observaram, em amendoim, efeito de doses de gesso agricola contendo enxofre, na germinacao de sementes, embora nao se tenha observado diferenca de germinacao entre as sementes provenientes dos tratamentos que receberam gesso agricola e as sementes dos tratamentos que nao o receberam.
Made from a mix of acrylic ink, gesso, and etching on duralene, the mostly horizontal paintings hang unframed on the wall.
The panels are on gesso - a medium made with a mixture of plaster of Paris, rabbit-skin glue, whiting and water.