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an act of gerrymandering (dividing a voting area so as to give your own party an unfair advantage)

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divide unfairly and to one's advantage

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He added: "If that isn't gerrymandering, I don't know what is.
Again thanks to gerrymandering, virtually all congressional districts are safely Republican or safely Democratic.
But that is merely desirable; ending the gerrymandering is absolutely essential.
The reason they smell of gerrymandering is that they are gerrymandering.
Despite the absence of standards, the broader structural implications of promoting "federalism-reinforcing" gerrymandering require the Supreme Court to craft rules that encourage the use of mid-decade redistricting and at-large voting schemes; that limit the authority of independent commissions to draw redistricting plans; and that promote strong state political parties, all of which will help preserve the states' ability to utilize the federalism benefits that flow from partisan redistricting.
The results in these figures are quite clear, and they demonstrate that gerrymandering has done little to diminish the number of competitive districts since 1952, as I have noted elsewhere.
In arguably the most egregious example of gerrymandering in Massachusetts history, eight-term Republican Congresswoman Margaret Heckler saw her district redrawn by Beacon Hill Democrats.
For almost one hundred seventy years, the Court refused to hear challenges to malapportionment and partisan gerrymandering plans on the grounds they were nonjusticiable political questions and within the province of the states and Congress to resolve.
Bandemer, (3) the Court established that partisan gerrymandering presents a justiciable controversy, but it failed to settle on a test or standard to determine the constitutionality of any given plan.
Her crime was to attempt a widespread gerrymandering of Westminster's wards to secure a continuing Conservative majority.
Perhaps most important will be reform of a gerrymandering system that, in the end, saved this Republican-controlled Congress by requiring Democrats to win a historically unusual percentage of competitive seats.
He invested over $7 million of his own money supporting important structural reforms such as ending gerrymandering and permanently controlling state spending.
What about cash-for-questions, Archer and gerrymandering Shirley Porter?
Democracy is at risk when partisan gerrymandering ensures that elections are over before the people even vote.