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an act of gerrymandering (dividing a voting area so as to give your own party an unfair advantage)

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divide unfairly and to one's advantage

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While much attention is currently and correctly placed on Republican gerrymandered states around this country, I wonder when these same critics of Republican gerrymandering will concern themselves with the mess that is Speaker Michael Madigan's Democratically gerrymandered Illinois map.
If the shoe were on the other foot--if Democrats were benefiting from partisan, gerrymandered districts--would Republicans suddenly become fans of the use of nonpartisan redistricting criteria, and would Democrats suddenly favor the status quo?
Perhaps counterintuitively, individual legislators in gerrymandered districts appear not to be more polarized than others in their party.
With thousands of maps and their resulting voting outcomes in hand, Mattingly and Graves could begin to analyze just how gerrymandered the North Carolina voting districts were.
The gerrymandered district helped ensure that Barney Frank defeated Ms.
You can usually spot a gerrymandered district by its wacky boundaries.
Gerrymandered districting plans are no different in kind.
There are several reasons to believe that a future Court's decision to invoke the Equal Protection Clause to strike down gerrymandered districting plans would not result in any loss of legitimacy.
Currently, some legislative districts are so gerrymandered they appear to be Rorschach tests on LSD.
Was your vote cancelled before you even voted because your district was gerrymandered to assure the incumbent would win?
7) The gerrymandered district is designed to squander the votes of the opposition party by "packing" large majorities of opposition voters into a few districts or by "cracking" districts controlled by opposition voters into numerous districts that can be won by a small margin of voters of the dominant party.
We can further contrast the noncompetitiveness of House elections, which are based on gerrymandered districts, with elections the same day for state governors and U.
That's you, me, and our representatives--elected from gerrymandered districts.
Each political party privately uses redistricting software to identify a gerrymandered plan that benefits it and then submits this plan to the redistricting commission.