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an act of gerrymandering (dividing a voting area so as to give your own party an unfair advantage)

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divide unfairly and to one's advantage

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In none of its racial gerrymander cases has the Court ever said that race-conscious electoral districting itself was per se unconstitutional.
Considered with the lessons of the reapportionment era in mind, the arguments against the justiciability of partisan gerrymanders and the criticisms of the flaws inherent in each of the prospective standards available to identify an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander seem to lose much of their strength.
A three-judge panel of the district court rejected the plaintiffs' claims that the plan should be invalidated as an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander.
162) The Supreme Court approved just such a plan, finding no fault with a bipartisan gerrymander that provided a rough approximation of the proportional representation of the two major parties in the halls of the legislature.
In 2003, Republicans infamously opened up the potential to gerrymander congressional districts middecade.
Lacking counterbalancing reforms, powerful computers, computer mapping tools, and extensive databases containing party registration, voting history, demographic, property tax, real estate, and census data enable the person doing the gerrymander to execute his task with skill and precision.
It was clearly an odd shape, and it is this aesthetic quality of the cartography that has become the hallmark of the gerrymander.
Beginning with theoretical considerations revolving around defining a gerrymander, the courts' rather confused rulings, and the contributions made by political scientists, he then shifts to an empirical analysis intended to demonstrate that partisan voting is not constant but rather in a state of flux.
The principal objective of any partisan gerrymander is to dilute the votes of the opposition party, attorney Michael B.
The map included a district that looked like a salamander, hence creating the term gerrymander.
The goal of a gerrymander is to maximize the number of districts won, which occurs when the median outcome is more unfavorable to the opposing party than that party's share of the vote.
Partisan politics demand that the party in power gerrymander the districts to protect incumbents and maximize their team's victories in future elections.
The analysis by my team shows that, like the 2011 map, the map submitted to my office by Republican leaders is still a gerrymander.
Their lawyers successfully argued that a three-judge panel's ruling last week declaring the state congressional map an illegal partisan gerrymander should be on hold while similar cases involving Wisconsin legislative districts and one Maryland congressional district before the Supreme Court are considered.
However, elections have consequences and both parties have shown a willingness to gerrymander to a certain degree.