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the branch of medical science that deals with diseases and problems specific to old people

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An extension of the recommendation resulting from a study by Van Valkenberg et al concerning the radiation sciences curricula would be that programs should consider objective evaluation of the curricula for appropriate balance in classroom, laboratory and clinical instruction in gerontology.
Thane's treatment of twentieth-century aging reaches beyond historical studies to social gerontology.
A basic claim of narrative gerontology, therefore, is that a focus on stories gives us valuable insight into the "inside" of aging.
While the increase in the number of gerontology programs in American colleges and universities is to be expected based on the demographic shifts in the population, an enduring question that accompanies the growth centers around the effectiveness of the ever-expanding gerontology curriculum.
The programme of the course was produced by the Scientific Committee of the group, consisting of nine European professors of medical gerontology (E.
9 David Paulsmeyer, gerontology interview/lecture at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, IL, 1991.
This book is ideal for Graduate students and researchers in the fields of biomedical gerontology, cell and molecular biology, neuroscience, and oncology.
Peri (pictured) is director of nursing at the Totara Hospice in south Auckland and senior lecturer in gerontology at the University of Auckland's school of nursing.
We are working on the gerontology sphere since 2013 and there are already some results," said Politi during a meeting of the representatives of Ministry of Health and the Association with the elderly people.
com)-- Gerontology Solutions, a pioneering life-sciences start-up concern focused on the development of cutting edge treatments and solutions aimed at combating the aging process in humans has secured unrestricted access to an initial tranche of development funding from Tokyo-based private equity facilitators, Hawk Trade.
of Indianapolis) bring together 23 essays in this handbook on family gerontology for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, and gerontology practitioners.
Most studies assessed attitudes after a curriculum intervention, such as the introduction of a gerontology course or innovative educational strategies, such as a senior mentor experience (Burbank, Dowling-Castronovo, Crowther, & Capezuti, 2006; Fox & Wold, 1996; Williams, Anderson, & Day, 2007).
Monies will be directed to assist five (5) more qualified registered nurses in attaining CNA Certification in Gerontology.
Hazzard's geriatric medicine and gerontology, 6th ed.
Davies, professor of gerontology in the USC Davis School of Gerontology and professor of biological sciences in the USC College of Letters, Arts and Sciences has found that a form of the gene RCAN1, known as RCAN1-1L, is dramatically decreased in human brains affected by Huntington disease.