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a specialist in gerontology

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Even when the career and business aspects are put aside, the truth is that our seniors both need and deserve the care and assistance which only a gerontologist can provide them with.
This opening episode features gerontologist Aubrey De Grey and psychotherapist Lucy Beresford, with guest panellist Clare Balding.
Richard Crout, DMD, PhD, an expert on gum disease and associate dean for research in the WVU School of Dentistry, will share the grant with gerontologist Bei Wu, PhD, formerly of WVU and now a researcher at the University of North Carolina; Brenda L.
However, a recent study in the Gerontologist suggests that cognitive processing ability is the best predictor of whether or not an elderly person should still be driving.
A revolution is coming, but we're not ready for it, says gerontologist Butler, warning that after 2025, one out of every five people will be more than 65 years old.
While it is likely that financial planners are going to receive more questions about senior housing and it is possible that having information readily available could be helpful, Luker says it is more likely that they will work with a gerontologist to assess what kind of care a senior citizen needs.
About 18 percent experienced sexual or physical abuse, and 22 percent were the victims of psychological abuse (including severe verbal threats), according to the February 2007 issue of The Gerontologist.
THE PERSONAL TOUCH: Frank Congemi, a registered financial gerontologist in Forest Hills, N.
Brian Garavaglia, PhD, is a long-term care administrator based in Michigan, and a gerontologist specializing in dementia and addictions in older adults.
The new findings show that physicians and family members need to address the social and practical needs of elderly people whose spouses develop disabling illnesses, notes gerontologist Suzanne E.
According to Sharon Roberts, RN, BSN, NHA, MA, a gerontologist with the Lake County Health Department in Waukegan, Ill.
Lucia and Haiti; Betty Havens, Winnipeg, Gerontologist, Professor and senior scholar at the University of Manitoba, consultant to national and international organizations and former president of the Canadian Association on Gerontology;
As a gerontologist now specializing in research on ageism, I was particularly offended by the ageist paraphrase of Isaac Asimov that appeared in Michael L.
The mystique of living to be 100 will be lost by the year 2020 as 100th birthdays become commonplace, predicts Mike Parker, assistant professor of social work, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, and a gerontologist specializing in successful aging.
Goode, a gerontologist who is the medical director of the continence program at the University of Alabama, Birmingham.