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a specialist in gerontology

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THE PERSONAL TOUCH: Frank Congemi, a registered financial gerontologist in Forest Hills, N.
Brian Garavaglia, PhD, is a long-term care administrator based in Michigan, and a gerontologist specializing in dementia and addictions in older adults.
The new findings show that physicians and family members need to address the social and practical needs of elderly people whose spouses develop disabling illnesses, notes gerontologist Suzanne E.
According to Sharon Roberts, RN, BSN, NHA, MA, a gerontologist with the Lake County Health Department in Waukegan, Ill.
Lucia and Haiti; Betty Havens, Winnipeg, Gerontologist, Professor and senior scholar at the University of Manitoba, consultant to national and international organizations and former president of the Canadian Association on Gerontology;
As a gerontologist now specializing in research on ageism, I was particularly offended by the ageist paraphrase of Isaac Asimov that appeared in Michael L.
Leng, who is a gerontologist at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.
Besides making sure you can afford to bow out early, David Demko, a gerontologist and editor in chief of Age Venture News Service, says employees should also prepare psychologically for retirement.
The mystique of living to be 100 will be lost by the year 2020 as 100th birthdays become commonplace, predicts Mike Parker, assistant professor of social work, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, and a gerontologist specializing in successful aging.
Goode, a gerontologist who is the medical director of the continence program at the University of Alabama, Birmingham.
And then, from his experience as a gerontologist, he offered the following interpretation of my hapless condition: "You're not depressed," he said.
a research gerontologist associated with the Hospital for Joint Diseases in New York City, describes the lessening functions to which the aging are prone: "Although all of these ailments depend to an extent upon genetic inheritance and may occur at any age to a greater or lesser degree, the most common manifestations are reduced flexibility, slower reflexes, shortness of breath, changes in balance, and discomfort or pain in joints.
Anderson, and Priscilla Walls, "The Investigation and Outcome of Reported Cases of Elder Abuse," The Gerontologist 34 (1994): 123-125.
Just as a cardiologist would do to prevent a heart attack in a patient with high blood pressure and high cholesterol, the neurologist or gerontologist must be able to identify people who are at risk of developing mild cognitive impairment and progressing on to Alzheimer's disease, and treat them prophylactically.