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the branch of medical science that deals with diseases and problems specific to old people

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Elsevier's books were honored in the Gerontologic Nursing, Maternal and Child Health, and Critical Care-Emergency Nursing categories.
We arrived at the different components of the toolbox via a clinical review of the literature and by taking into consideration our shared clinical expertise in otolaryngology--head and neck surgery, geriatric medicine, and gerontologic nursing.
see also Gerontologic care, economics--New Zealand; NZNO--campaigns; Rest-homes
One example is a series of clinically relevant behavioral interventions based on social learning and gerontologic theories that have become known as the Seattle Protocol.
This review aid for nursing school graduates covers the gerontologic nursing portion of the NCLEX-RN examination.
1998) note that there is a gross lack of availability of individuals with expertise in gerontologic patient care, education, and research.
Still, within this relatively short time there has been tremendous progress, a progress greatly enhanced by basic gerontologic research employing immunologic, biochemical, and particularly molecular biologic approaches.
Forward thinking lab managers may wish to consider developing test menus for the evaluation of exercise programs and marketing these menus to physicians specializing in gerontologic medicine, cardiology and cardiac rehabilitation, and sports medicine.
Things may be looking up, but gerontologic history's promise has yet to be realized.
Lipschitz says most medical schools have geriatric and gerontologic programs, but he says there are only a dozen that have outstanding reputations -- and UAMS is one of them.