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a political system governed by old men

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Romeu said the moves have been a conscious decision "not fall into the gerontocracy trap that Cuba, for example, is in.
And we have a chief minister who'd be better off as a cartoon character presiding over a state that thought it had ushered in a new age after voting out a gerontocracy that swore by Stalin.
For Knauft, such institutions as gerontocracy, ritual eldership, priests, big men, etc.
The sight of King Abdullah and his closest brothers all in a line and bent over on wobbling canes brings into clear focus what a gerontocracy the kingdom has become.
They point out that the gerontocracy belongs to all political parties:
The new coalition includes remnants of the revolutionary generation (most of whom are in their seventies or eighties), but beneath this gerontocracy, a "successor generation" of military elites and party provincial secretaries has emerged.
They've known him for a long time and they've no interest in seeing a precedent for a senior royal retiring," Jane Kinninmont, at the Economist Intelligence Unit, said of a Saudi gerontocracy grappling with its own succession problems.
If those nations who profess love for the Egyptian people are sincere, they would do well to show it through keeping a respectful distance, not adopting the same misjudged gerontocracy exhibited by Frank Wisner that has so embarrassed Washington.
However, the princes at the top of the hierarchy are all in their 70s and 80s and the Al Saud family, which founded the kingdom with clerics in 1932, will remain a gerontocracy unless it soon promotes younger princes.
Rulers have so far all been sons of founder Abdul-Aziz Ibn Saud and many of the 18 million Saudis want to see the gerontocracy pass power on to a new generation.
But even more pressing was the question of the gerontocracy that was building in the Mexican ruling class.
One reason is the gerontocracy created in academia by tenure and the lack of mandatory retirement--departments can remain comfortably ensconced in their technophobia for decades.
I thought I knew quite a lot about the various political systems, but I hadn't heard of Thalassocracy, Lottocracy or Gerontocracy.
However, the political stagnation and relative poverty in the Middle East in combination with a stifling academic climate of gerontocracy and patronage, and the appalling lack of library and technical facilities for most scholars, will at best realize these pious hopes and expectations in a distant point in the future, if at all.
Pentecostal churches in some respects help young people to achieve freedom from the traditional gerontocracy in Africa.