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a political system governed by old men

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But the rising generation is no longer willing to endure gerontocracy, the supremacy of impotent and imbecile senility.
The Soviet Union was precisely as he often portrayed it: an oppressive, intellectually bankrupt, and stultified gerontocracy ruled by fear and lacking any but the barest pretense of legitimacy--in short, an evil empire.
Saudi Arabia is a totalitarian theocratic gerontocracy in which a handful of elderly brothers and their sons rule over nearly 30 million people while looting the country's wealth on behalf of a few thousand princes.
Viau characterizes this society as a gerontocracy, one that looked up to elders of both sexes as the authority figures.
With more children in Germany, there is a greater chance of preventing a gerontocracy and peacefully overcoming the looming demographic crisis.
It's interesting that you've now got some younger guys coming out of Italy, because for so long it's been such a gerontocracy there.
Although the authors recognized that the Igbo and the Ibibio were far more democratic than the colonial officials who regarded them as primitive gave them credit for, the authors preferred a gendered perspective that saw Igbo society as a patriarchy governed by a gerontocracy of male elders and speculated about the possibility that the women used secret societies to organize their resistance even when the evidence points to open democratic community mobilization in far-from-secret market places.
By making himself, in effect, the state, Putin, like the gerontocracy that collapsed with Gorbachev's rise, is increasingly viewed as responsible for all state failures.
The music video's rich metaphorical twists on popular culture make clear connections among species extinction, deforestation, unsustainable transportation and energy production, corporate-driven colonization of nature, white supremacy, adult supremacy and an apathetic gerontocracy.
Crippled by their "esprit d'immobilisme" and their fear of economic change, the gerontocracy of Issoudun choose to isolate themselves at the cost of depriving their offspring of the opportunity to advance either in government or in commerce.
In Central Australia anthropologists claim that white men were responsible for the disappearance of polygyny and gerontocracy practices (Probyn-Rapsey 2007:176).
The most recent protests are part of an upsurge in football-related violence in Algeria, an indicator that increased wages and government social spending is failing to compensate for frustration with the failure of the country's gerontocracy, who have been in control since independence, to share power with a younger generation, create jobs and address housing problems.
What's unique perhaps about Africa is our particular practice of gerontocracy, a venerable tradition that can nevertheless threaten to silence the voice of the young.
Commenting on the move, Soutik Biswas, BBC correspondent in New Delhi, observed, "India's governments have been traditionally dominated by elderly politicians, prompting critics to jest that the country, where half the population is under 25 years of age, is really a gerontocracy.
JFK was assassinated fifty years ago in Dallas but the hirsute El Commandante who stationed Soviet missiles on the island and sent his armies to fight for Lenin (actually the Brezhnev gerontocracy in the Kremlin), in Angola, Mozambique and Ethiopia is still alive.