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full of germs or pathological microorganisms

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Case cited Clorox Commercial Solutions Clorox Disinfecting Wipes as a "convenient and powerful way to tackle germy spots due to its nine new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered disinfecting kill claims, 12 new allergen-removal claims and 10-second sanitization time, the fastest contact time for bacteria.
One eager eBay bidder forked out nearly PS3,500 to get their hands on her germy tissue.
Our immune systems were designed to cope with a germy world.
Sean has been feeling cramped and housebound after sharing a home office with me for six germy Montreal winters.
If you've been buzz-bombed, making mud pies isn't a bad idea, but ice would probably be a safer, less germy coolant, as would a paste made of baking soda and cool water, or aspirin and water.
Paranoid Dad: Has a packet of anti-bacterial wipes on hand at all times for fear of his children being infected in this germy paradise.
Sponges are the most frequently used item for kitchen cleanup, but unless they're kept scrupulously clean, they can become germy and smelly.
Between germy cell phones, greasy hands and grimy sunglasses, our faces come in contact with quite a lot of filth," Huffington Post editor Dana Oliver wrote in a Huff Post Style posting this summer.
We decided against a soft-play centre which is basically sliding around in the germy drool and sweat of a thousand other kids in a souped-up padded primate enclosure, we shunned a pool-party (less LA - more dank towels, inflatables and sausage rolls) and didn't fancy a 'Fun Science' party, where drama graduates make use of their chemistry GCSE by bedazzling the kids with exploding/smoking/floating things.
Yet we don't always do it properly, if at all, which is particularly ill-advised behaviour during flu season, when germy hands are common gateways to infection.
CINCINNATI -- Bounty is proud to introduce its latest innovation, DuraTowel, a cloth-like paper towel designed to replace germy dishcloths for a cleaner way to clean.
President Morsi was invited by Chancellor Angel Merkil to visit Germy recently.
While nurses and aides will clean visibly soiled surfaces, too many germy spots go uncleaned.
Dr Hilal bin Ali Al Hinai, Secretary General of the Research Council, signed the contract on behalf of TRC and Professor Germy Davey on behalf of QUT, the Australian university.